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Yet LXP | BETA Coming 2020

Our software products are built to support interoperability and insight. That's why Yet Analytics is recognized throughout the learning technologies community for our expertise in xAPI and for our commitment to standards-driven software development.

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In partnership with the 11th Wing at Joint Base Andrews and sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory, we are bringing LXP technology to the military learner.

The Yet LXP is the first learning experience platform designed for the military environment and built natively for xAPI. Enabling access to both digital and offline content and providing the tracking of engagement with learning and training opportunities, the Yet LXP will provide commanders and instructors a full view into how their training resources are being used. Yet Analytics has partnered with the SparkX Cell at Joint Base Andrews to pilot the beta implementation of the Yet LXP in an instance we call "Training Commons".

Yet LXP Components


Content and scheduling interface and learning record provider

A learning experience interface designed to help you to deliver and to track training on-demand


Infinitely scalable on AWS or Azure

A massively scalable learning record store built for deployment in your cloud environment


Learning analytics dashboards and Learning record consumers

State-of-the-art dashboards featuring automated data visualizations and custom reporting

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