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The Yet VIS | Beta Coming Soon

Our software products are built to support interoperability and insight. That's why Yet Analytics is recognized throughout the learning technologies community for our expertise in xAPI and for our commitment to standards-driven software development.

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Turn your learning analytics into business intelligence

Yet Vis

Yet VIS is the data analytics and visualization tool purpose-built for xAPI. Use it to do detailed analysis of your learning and training data and to create your own custom dashboards. Yet VIS provides complete flexibility and total transparency into how data becomes insight.

  • The query editor provides access to every attribute of xAPI data and allows analysts to write complex custom queries using Datalog, a logical query language.
  • The visualization editor provides the ability to customize every possible element of visualization design using the open source Vega visual grammar.
  • The result is the ability to make full use of every aspect of xAPI data — from actor-verb-object to context data to xAPI Profiles and statement templates — to produce robust visualizations which can be saved in workbooks and exported to custom dashboards.


Visualize insights traversing the learning ecosystem

Automate accessibility and make the data usable for business

For too long, the people who depend on xAPI data to do their job have either had to create their own cumbersome work-arounds to make use of the stock capabilities of so-called Learning Analytics Platforms or resort to far-less-than-optimal reporting comprised of csv exports of xAPI data.

Even in the more advanced analytics and visualization solutions, analysts were forced to use the capabilities of databases that would only produce black-box results and which required the procurement and use of specific databases and LRSs. Yet VIS fundamentally changes this. Designed vendor-agnostic, Yet VIS will accept xAPI data from any conformant Learning Record Store and can export visualizations to any data vis or reporting platform.

With a query language as familiar as SQL and a theoretical basis in ADL's DAVE framework for the analysis and visualization of xAPI, Yet VIS offers the most accessible and powerful analytics solution for xAPI.

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