About Yet

Building the things that do not exist, yet.


Yet Analytics is a team of nerds. We are artists, engineers, and explorers. We believe in the power of technology to build the future we want to live in, and we work to make that reality, every day. We call Baltimore home, and we care deeply about the future, our city, and what it means to be human in a world surrounded by technology.

We build software that helps our customers turn data into action. Because leveraging data is much more than knowing that it's there. It’s being able to visualize and speak about it in a language that bridges the gap between humans and machines.

Our stack is Clojure up and down. Connect with us anytime to talk about potential job opportunities.


Our Team


Shelly Blake-Plock, President and CEO

Brit Keller, COO

Front of House

Rose Burt, CMO
Margaret Roth, CXO
Allie Tscheulin, VP of Business Development


Milt Reder, VP of Engineering
Boris Boiko, Software Engineer and Security Lead
John Newman, Software Engineer
Will Hoyt, Data Engineer

Henk Reder, Junior Developer

Lukman Ramsey, Technology Advisor

Board of Directors

Chris Hoyt, Chairman of the Board

Steve Root, Board Director

Stephen Simons, Board Director


Grotech Ventures

TCP Ventures


Baltimore Angels

Dingman Angels

A-Level Capital


Business Incubation

Emerging Technologies Center


GSV Labs

Advisory Board

Josh Goldberg, CCO at Sunlight Financial

Paul Palmieri, Former CEO at Millennial Media

Rebecca Ranich, Director at Questar Corporation

Mike Lombardi, Enterprise Sales at Amazon Web Services

Vadim Polikov, Former CEO at Astrum Solar

Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow at ICLE

Michael Smith, COO at Everseat

David Morgan, Partner at STS International

Business Services
Cooley, Legal

SC&H, Tax Advisory

Marshall Financial Services, Accounting

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