About Yet

Building the things that do not exist, yet.


A vision and a purpose

Yet Analytics delivers experience intelligence in human capital analytics by providing a dynamic and interactive analytics platform contributing insight into the operational optimization of talent through the real-time visualization of trends in engagement, learning, information usage and team behaviors.


What we have built…

We founded Yet to make the world’s data more visible, accessible and actionable.

And we have built a platform designed to bring the power of experience intelligence and advanced analytics directly to the people responsible for developing human capital.

Our products are built to help answer important business questions.

  • Are my people working towards our objectives?
  • What resources do they use?
  • How do they learn?
  • What are the links between their behavior and their performance?
  • Who are my outliers?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the trends that lead to success?

And we are active in the data ecosystem, especially in our support of data interoperability standards through our charter corporate membership in the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium and our ongoing work in the xAPI community.

Originally a team of ex-pats from Johns Hopkins University, we leveraged our expertise in learning science, data structures, human performance analytics and creativity — and we built a company around a vision. We dug deep and sought questions as much as we sought answers. We spent years constructing a new analytics architecture to provide meaningful answers to these questions. And we shared our vision, and our solutions, with the world — presenting at SXSW Interactive, co-authoring papers at I/ITSEC, participating in the xAPI Design Cohort and xAPI Camps at UCF's Institute for Simulation and Training as well as at the corporate headquarters of Amazon and Autodesk. We had a story to tell and we told our story wherever we went.

Because Yet’s solution has opened up new opportunities for innovation in human capital. Robust enough for the data scientist, but designed to be accessible to the business user, Yet’s platform allows any organization to leverage the power of analytics in human capital. Using data to understand talent. To develop talent. To manage and optimize talent.

A new era has begun. As key developments in learning science, data structures and the philosophy of talent optimization have converged, it is time to take a fresh look at the power of human capital analytics. Because competitive organizations know that the ability to manage, develop, and leverage their talent and to help their people grow through personalization and engagement is key to innovation. This is why leading organizations have chosen to lead with what Yet built.

This is why Yet continues to build the things that do not exist, yet.

Shelly Blake-Plock, President and CEO
Brit Keller, COO

Customer Experience 
Margaret Roth, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Business Development
Allie Tscheulin, Vice President of Business Development

Rose Burt, Chief Marketing Officer

Milt Reder, VP of Engineering
Boris Boiko, Software Engineer and Security Lead
John Newman, Software Engineer
Will Hoyt, Data Engineer

Henk Reder, Junior Developer
Lukman Ramsey, Technology Advisor

Business Services
Cooley, Legal
SC&H, Tax Advisory
Marshall Financial Services, Accounting

Board of Directors
Chris Hoyt, Chairman of the Board
Steve Root, Board Director
Stephen Simons, Board Director

Grotech Ventures
TCP Ventures
Baltimore Angels
Dingman Angels
A-Level Capital

Business Incubation

Emerging Technologies Center
GSV Labs

Advisory Board
Josh Goldberg, CCO at Sunlight Financial
Paul Palmieri, Former CEO at Millennial Media
Rebecca Ranich, Director at Questar Corporation
Mike Lombardi, Enterprise Sales at Amazon Web Services
Vadim Polikov, Former CEO at Astrum Solar
Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow at ICLE
Michael Smith, COO at Everseat
David Morgan, Partner at STS International

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