Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • November 6, 2015

The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics Bring Human Capital and Data Interoperability Together


November 6, 2015

Contact: Margaret Roth, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Performance Technologies at Yet Analytics, Inc.

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BALTIMORE, MD — Merging the theory-based iNACOL Blended Learning Educator Competency Framework and the practice-based work of the TLA Human Capital cohort together, The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics, Inc. have announced the Educator Learning Concept Model — a model for competency measurement and recommendation supported by the Experience API (xAPI), a data interoperability standard for next-generation learning data and analytics. 

The Educator Learning Concept Model will both measure and recommend learning across competencies. Additionally, the model provides a set of competencies that are derived directly from actual educator-blended learning professional development. Content and resources supporting this model has been produced by an expert cohort, members of which include BetterLesson, Relay GSE, Friday Institute, Highlander Institute, TNTP, and PowerMyLearning — all of whom were grantees of The Learning Accelerator. 

“New models for teaching and learning challenge teachers to make shifts toward more personalized and competency-based forms of instruction. We need approaches to adult learning that reflect these student-level innovations. This Concept Model will help learners access training and professional-development content connected directly to their specific needs, across platforms, and to more effectively track and reflect on their learning as they go,” said TLA Partner Beth Rabbitt.  

The Educator Learning Concept Model is designed to connect directly to trackable xAPI learning activities. The result is the ability to track learning across platforms, sources, systems, and time — creating a full view of the experience of learning and the myriad manifestations of personalized learning activity realized as a common global data stream unified through an interoperable and ever extensible system.

“By directly linking professional learning activity to data structures, we will be able to create a measurable and mappable matrix of content, activities, and competencies which could improve the effectiveness of learning and fulfill the promise of the personalization of learning across industries and professions,” said Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock.

Beth Rabbitt, partner at The Learning Accelerator, and Margaret Roth, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of performance technologies at Yet Analytics, will be presenting on the Educator Learning Content Model at the iNACOL conference in Orlando, FL. The presentation takes place on Monday, November 9, 2015, at 9:45 a.m. in the Southern Hemisphere III Ballroom in a session titled “Personalizing PD: Creating a competency-based learning system for teachers.”


For more information, please contact Margaret Roth <>.

The Learning Accelerator is a nonprofit catalyst to transform American K-12 education through blended learning at a national scale. See more at:

The mission of Yet Analytics is mission is to improve the lives of people and the outcomes of the organizations they serve by making the data of the connected world more visible, accessible, and actionable. See more at:

More on the Educator Learning Content Model can be found online at and information regarding the iNACOL session is available at

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