Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • February 27, 2015

Let's Talk Data :: 22 SXSWedu Sessions Getting It Right

By Margaret Roth

We’re counting down the days until SXSWedu — and not just because it’s a frozen mess in Charm City. While Austin promises a welcome reprieve of warm weather, fine boots, and good music, this year’s conference lineup offers something even more: a wide range of conversation diving into new realities facing education and learning. From IoT technologies to wearables, the infinite connectedness of learning environments and the future of transformative learning design all boil down to one thing: the transcendent future of data.

With all that in mind, here is our list of the 22 SXSWedu sessions getting data right, for all the right reasons. Don't miss a single one.


Big Data

Data Privacy

Games and Gaming

The Future is Now

  • Here Comes Professor Everybody - Take an immersive look at the federation of teaching and distribution of expertise through open online learning platforms through the critical eyes of Jeffrey Young, Senior Editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • Smart Cities That Work for Everyone - Get a crash course in innovation that works, making cities (and schools and systems) better, faster, stronger, from Getting Smart's Tom Vander Ark and Perkins Coie's Business Development Manager Adrian Fenty.

  • Wear to Learn: The Body As an Interface - This one will satisfy all of your Gibson-inspired neural lace dreams, for now. Emory Craig, Director of eLearning at the College of New Rochelle, and Maya Georgieva, Associate Director at the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning discuss the coming paradigm shift that wearable tech is going to inflict on our lives and the radical changes and data collection opportunities it will bring to the classroom.

  • Robot.Edu: How Robots Can Transform Learning - They're transforming everything else about our lives, why not learn what they will do for students? Take this ride with Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotsLAB US, John Sperry, Robotics Teacher, Peter Stone, Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, and Seppy Basili, Kaplan K12 CEO.

  • A New and Virtual Environment in the Classroom - Want to know what it's like to live at the intersection of gaming, virtual environments, and awesome new technology, and an outdated instruction and education system? 9th Grader Scott Nguyen is going to let us know in his Future15 talk.

  • No Textbooks, No Walls, No Limits - The Houston A+ Challenge Principal Cicely Benoit shares the powerful experiences of the students of Houston's first mobile school A+ Unlimited Potential. The crux? What does the process of learning become in a post-school world?

  • While You Were at Work, Your Kid Was on Mars: Virtual field trips are not only awesome, but they are dramatically influencing the distribution of experiences to students. Join Kari Byron, Host of MythBusters, Liat Ben-Rafael, Program Manager of Google Doodles, Dacia Jones, Director of Science at Durham Public Schools, and Discovery Education's Director of Education Outreach and Curriculum Integration Kyle Schutt as they demonstrate how virtual field trips are changing how students engage with the world outside of school.

And 3 events you won't want to miss.

And a few other awesome sessions because we just can't help it.

Headed to SXSWedu? Let's get together and talk data on the hallway track. Contact Yet's CMO Margaret Roth via email or on twitter @teachingdaisy to sync up.

Attending virtually and rocking the #NotatSXSWedu? Not to worry, we'll be writing and reporting on all the data, analytics, training, and competency-based learning talk that we can handle. Follow along with us on twitter @YetAnalytics.

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