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Yet Analytics Launches Flagship Human Capital Analytics Platform


June 10, 2015

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Yet Analytics launches flagship human capital analytics platform

BALTIMORE — June 10, 2015 — Yet Analytics™ announces the launch of Yet Core™, a new big data analytics platform built for human capital. Building on the Experience API™ (xAPI) developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, Yet Core provides a platform for collecting and visualizing learning, training, and human performance data derived from any source including wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, learning management systems, social networks, mobile applications, and virtual and augmented reality.

 “Yet Core delivers an unparalleled ability to manage and analyze human capital and human performance data in real-time,” said Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet’s CEO. “Built for massive scale, the platform is the most sophisticated and secure database technology in the burgeoning learning analytics industry developing around the xAPI interoperability specification. Additionally, our customers love Yet Core’s analytics layer — where beautiful network graphs provide an immediate and accessible real-time view into the development of human capital and performance connections throughout an organization.”

Learning Analytics for the IoT Era

Yet Core’s real muscle lies beneath the hood. Built on a data architecture designed to support the collection and structuring of experiential data at the scale of IoT-enabled human-digital interaction, Yet Core was designed to provide insight into connections between all aspects of human capital across even the most complex organizations. With the ability to gather interoperable data related to all aspects of employee experience — from onboarding to training to ongoing learning and development to the identification of outlier talent and outlier threats — Yet Core provides companies and organizations with the ability to activate and utilize the data produced regularly by their workforce. Whether determining the effect of a training program on sales and productivity outcomes or monitoring the compliance and safety habits of employees in the field, Yet Core provides organizations with the tools needed to collect data and to make informed decisions. And as companies are increasing expenditures on employee learning and training — to the tune of $130 billion annually according to Bersin by Deloitte — while at the same time investing in IoT technologies and next-generation cyberphysical infrastructure, the convergence of human performance data and the data collection capabilities of IoT and smart devices points to an enormous need for advanced and IoT-ready learning analytics. This is what Yet Core offers.

On “Seeing Your Data”

“One of the most amazing things is the look in people’s eyes when they ‘see’ their data for the first time,” said Blake-Plock. “We hear a lot of talk about how xAPI will transform learning and training. But the majority of what’s happening in an xAPI Learning Record Store is happening behind the scenes: it’s in the way the database accepts and stores structured data. Which means it’s hard for most people to understand the value inherent in capturing that data as xAPI. And which means for most people, the idea of xAPI being transformative remains somewhat elusive. Yet Core changes all of that.”

Yet Core collects and visualizes data from interoperable xAPI applications including products built by Adobe and Articulate. Additionally, Yet has built custom bridges allowing the collection of performance data from enterprise-standard web services like GitHub and SurveyGizmo, as well as new post-desktop technologies such as Android Wear through which biometric data can be collected and correlated live during training or wellness activities. Earlier this month, as part of a Global City action cluster, Yet demonstrated the first application of xAPI to emergency medical training. The results of the live training exercise, including both mobile-enhanced observation data as well as 11 miles of proximity and timeline data transmitted by IoT beacons and captured and visualized in real-time within Yet Core, were presented at the Global City Teams Challenge organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Ignite.


By presenting interoperable human performance data from multiple sources concurrently and in real-time, Yet Core transforms the way organizations view the value of human capital. Yet Analytics invites professionals in learning and development, training, HR, and human capital management to try Yet Core starting today.

About Yet Analytics

Yet is revolutionizing the way organizations leverage human performance data. Founded in 2014, and based in Baltimore, MD, the company’s focus on Big Data and the Internet of Things make it unique in the expanding field of human capital and learning analytics. See for more information.

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