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Shelly Blake-Plock By Shelly Blake-Plock • June 9, 2015

See Your Data

By Shelly Blake-Plock

One of the most amazing things is the look in people’s eyes when they “see” their data for the first time.

We hear a lot of talk about how xAPI will transform learning and training. But the majority of what’s happening in an xAPI Learning Record Store is happening behind the scenes: it’s in the way the database accepts and stores structured data. 

Which means it’s hard for most people to understand the value inherent in capturing that data as xAPI.

And which means for most people, the idea of xAPI being transformative remains somewhat elusive.

Yet Analytics’ new flagship LRS — Yet Core — changes all of that.

Yet Core is a Learning Record Store built for the real demands of a connected world. Built for commercial SaaS deployment, Yet’s platform is available on the Cloud — where you need it to be.

Built to the highest security standards, Yet’s LRS is enforced by HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and employs a unique data architecture to separate the LRS from the front end — meaning both that even massive demand on the LRS will not affect user experience and that the front end offers no vector to attack the database. Short story: scalability and security are built in.

Yet Core is also built for the real demands of connected professionals. Which is why our data visualization layer is so revolutionary. Featuring both global and discrete timelines, a one-of-a-kind semantic xAPI statement viewer, and interactive charts, Yet’s platform is both accessible and powerful. Trainers, managers, and analysts have live real-time data at their fingertips. Data that can help to make the connection between training programs and business and strategic outcomes.

But there’s another thing.

Yet renders all data live and in real-time via network graphs. These nodes and edges respond physically to the touch of your cursor and present the connections between people, actions, and activities across your organization. Through the beauty of color and shape, anyone can easily see what’s happening in their organization.

With Yet, you can see your data.

And you can see the connections across your world.

We want you to see your data, so reach out to and let's discuss how we can leverage xAPI to help you make the connections you need.

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