Rose Burt By Rose Burt • August 21, 2015

Wanna Spread the xAPI Love? Vote for our Sessions on SXSW PanelPicker!

By Rose Burt

Guess what? No one has presented on xAPI at SXSW before.

Which is unfortunate, because there are so many amazing things that you can do with xAPI and that xAPI makes possible. Things like advanced data analytics, experiential data capture, interoperable systems, IoT technologies, and smart systems. That's why this year we're asking for your help!

We'd like you to help us spread the xAPI love. All it takes is about three minutes to sign-up and into SXSW's PanelPicker, click on the links below, and vote by giving our sessions the "Thumbs-Up" in the top left corner.

And if you really really really love xAPI, share it with your friends. Share this page with your network and ask your friends to vote too!

We really appreciate your help and we'll do our very best to represent the xAPI community at this year's SXSWedu and SXSW Interactive.

Breaking Data Free from the Silos - SXSW Interactive

Business is at an inflection point. With a myriad of new ways to measure human performance, an explosion of data sources — both hardware and software — and a need to leverage big data to make decisions or be left behind by others who do, how are businesses going to stay on the forefront of data science without losing focus on what they do best?

Sneak Peek: Breaking Data Free from the Silos in Blog Post Form

Speaker for this Session: Shelly Blake-Plock, CEO, Yet Analytics

Vote for this session at:

Next-Gen Learning in Next-Gen Environments - SXSWedu

We all live in a connected world - to varying degrees, and in ever changing ways. This connectedness has yet to truly permeate the learning environment.

New tools and approaches are needed to support the kinds of learning environments that we will all use in the future - collaborative, blended, dynamic, connected learning environments that extend beyond the classroom to the community and world around us.

This panel represents leaders in the connected learning and learning infrastructure space, and will share with the audience some of the findings that have come out of early implementations and pilots of blended learning and other connected learning environments and technologies.

Sneak Peek: Making Competency-Based Personalized Learning Real for Teachers

Speakers for this Panel:

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Capture the Data of Experience - SXSWedu and SXSW Interactive

As new technologies emerge, it can be a challenge to gather data from all of those sources to really capture the learning experience.

The Experience API (xAPI) is an open source specification designed specifically for this use - gathering data from all sources to really represent what is happening and how it is happening in a learning environment.

Learn about what xAPI is, how it works, and how you can use it to collect and analyze data from any source to capture the data of experience - and more importantly how you can use it to design for experience-centered learning.

Sneak Peek: Materials from the last ADL xAPI Bootcamp

Speakers for this Core Conversation at SXSWedu and Duel at SXSW Interactive:

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