Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • August 3, 2015

The 90-Second xAPI Use Case Series, Episode 1: Loss Prevention Training in Big Retail

By Margaret Roth

Feeling a time crunch?

We know that feeling. And that’s why the Yet team is happy to introduce: The 90-Second xAPI Use Case Series!

Over the next several weeks, our team will be sharing scenarios and use cases for xAPI in bite-sized morsels.

Let's get started.

The scenario: Loss Prevention training in a Big Retail hardware store.

The method: Live-action job-embedded team training supported by an xAPI-enabled mobile app. In this simulation scenario, we’re going to be testing the ability of associates and security staff to follow proper protocol in the identification and apprehension of a team of shoplifters. And we’re doing it live in real-time in the midst of a regular work day.

The why: Learning by doing. And learning about learning by capturing the data of doing.

The plan (in five easy steps):

  1. Each sales associate and each security officer has a mobile training app that pings them with news that a customer has reported a shoplifting team on the prowl near aisle 12.

  2. The app presents a clickable checklist containing proper protocol and procedures for identifying and dealing with shoplifters.

  3. As soon as the employees open the app, a countdown clock begins. The team has ten minutes to nab the thieves.

  4. Because the simulation is running through the xAPI-enabled app, all of the performance and compliance data is landing in your LRS live, time-stamped, and clearly showing who-is-doing-what in an easy-to-read format.

  5. Ten minutes pass by, the shoplifters are handled according to protocol (or not), and you’ve now got both global data (how did the team do) and local data (how did each individual do). Also, because it’s all xAPI, you can compare it alongside your LMS and e-learning data to help figure out how to improve your loss prevention training.

The take-away: It’s that easy to gather real-time live performance and compliance data about your teams and your team members.

Stay tuned for more use cases and by all means get in touch to share your own. 

Interested in implementing xAPI in your own training? Let's brainstorm. Email us at We'd love to help you design great learning experiences for your team! 

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