Rose Burt By Rose Burt • September 13, 2017

A New Discussion for xAPI

This week the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) voted to start up a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the Experience API (xAPI).

Our initial purpose is to create an IEEE technical report as a reference and implementation guide for xAPI 1.0.3. More broadly, we’ll be providing an open place for discussion among xAPI stakeholders and we’ll potentially be making recommendations about needs to support widespread use of the specification based on our activity in writing the report.

Our start point is the xAPI 1.0.3 specification. We’ll discuss all aspects of xAPI such as xAPI Profiles and the relation of xAPI to SCORM and cmi5. The end point is open-ended and in our discussion we will work to define the scope of the TAG.


For more details on the new advisory group, its goals, and how you can participate, read the formal announcement from the group's new chair, Shelly Blake-Plock.

Read the Announcement

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