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April 2019 Yet Analytics Product Update

At Yet Analytics we’re committed to providing you with exceptional products and extraordinary user experiences. That’s why we push regular updates and enhancements to our product suite and welcome your feedback anytime. We’ll keep you informed of all of our product enhancements right here on the Yet blog. And don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips when using our products!


Enhanced Filters for Dashboards and Data Cards

We have expanded our filter options for our dashboards to cover a wider breadth of the xAPI specification. Previously, our filters included timestamp, actor, verb, and object. We have added the authority, version, result, and context components, and have also expanded the filter capabilities of the object component. In the object component, we have added in the type, moreInfo, and interaction type fields, allowing you greater querying power. The context, result, authority, and version have been presented following the xAPI spec (for more information Context includes all of the context activities (parent, grouping, category, and other) laid out individually. Result covers all of the score options (raw, scaled, min, and max) and allows you to filter upon an exact number, or a range of numbers. The same applies to duration, with the ability to specify down to the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.00.37 PM

For more information, please check out our Data Filters articles in the Yet Knowledge Base.

We love your feedback!

We love to hear from everyone working with our platform. Please send us your feedback at any time using the red Feedback button on the bottom of the Yet interface - we’ll include your feedback in our next product roadmap review!


Haven't tried the new Yet xAPI LRS yet? We recommend starting out by watching our Getting Started videoClick below to check out the demo! 

Check out the Yet xAPI LRS Demo

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