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In addressing data quality and usability, we often focus on attributes like data format and storage type. But in considering what makes data truly actionable, there are qualities that are more important—without these qualities, data becomes difficult to analyze regardless of format.

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Announcing xapi-schema

By Milt Reder • June 3, 2015

We love the Experience API. We also love Clojure. Today we are happy to announce the release of our xapi-schema library for Clojure(Script) and JavaScript.

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Datalog at Play

By Milt Reder • November 20, 2014

This past weekend the Yet Analytics dev team took home the sponsor prize from Lookingglass Cyber Solutions for our clojurescript project at the third Baltimore Hackathon. Lookingglass' challenge provides a UI (in Om) and a messaging system (using core.async) for a game of checkers and asks the challengee to implement the game logic, suggesting features such as move validation, AI and a game state recorder.

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