Brit Keller By Brit Keller • March 18, 2019

Case Study: Designing Data Visualization for Participate Users

From data assessment to integrations to analytics and visualization, Yet Analytics' solutions provide people-based data insights and drive action across organizations. Learn how Participate partnered with Yet Analytics to design a unique and powerful set of reporting tools for their users.Participate_logo-RGB

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Through their proprietary platform, Participate builds intentional and compelling online Communities of Practice that provide educators with personalized learning experiences and that foster collaboration with others who share the same interests.

The Challenge:

Participate is currently undertaking an initiative to extract more meaningful and actionable insights from the Participate learning platform. While Participate has successfully launched certain types of reporting within the platform, they realized that key user groups do not have access to data that enables them to fully understand learner behavior. Participate needed to surface high-resolution learner activity data, including data such as where learners are within a given course at any particular moment, overall learner engagement and performance by course, etc.

The Solution:

Yet Analytics designed and delivered a Platform Data Assessment specifically focusing on the requirements of specific Participate user groups. Yet conducted a series of stakeholder interviews, culminating in the development of a Stakeholder Need Analysis. Yet’s UX team then designed custom dashboards for this user group based on the requirements outlined in the needs analysis. The dashboards were designed using Participate’s brand guidelines so that the production version of the dashboards would present a consistent and seamless experience for Participate users. Finally, Yet’s data engineers developed a detailed Data Assessment and Gap Analysis and a custom xAPI Profile for Participate. Together, these documents provide the blueprints and roadmap for the instrumentation of the Participate platform to produce the data assets needed to fuel the custom dashboards.

The Outcomes:

Using the detailed analyses, technical documentation and design recommendations that the Yet team developed for Participate, the Participate development team is able to deliver a unique and powerful set of reporting tools and realize a unique differentiator in the learning platform space.



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