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Challenging Perceptions of Web Development at Clojure/west

Challenging Perceptions of Web Development at Clojure/west

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March 15, 2016

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OAKLAND, CA — At this year’s Clojure/west conference, Mikaela Patella, senior software engineer at data analytics startup Yet Analytics, will explore the radical changes to software engineering made possible by cloud infrastructure and the distributed web and will debunk the pervasive stereotype that web development isn’t “real programming.”

In her talk “Web Development Is Distributed Systems Programming,” Patella will trace the evolution of web systems from their humble origins to the massive web systems we depend on today and will show how their architectures emerged. Following will be an exploration of recent works from members of the greater Clojure community that push the boundaries of this era in the distributed web.

“I am so excited to be back at Clojure/west this year and deeply honored to be speaking," said Patella. "I wrote 'Web Development is Distributed Systems Programming' for Clojure/west because I feel that the Clojure community has a unique perspective on programming and powerful tools to realize it.”

Clojure/west is one of the biggest functional programming conferences in the United States and serves as a focal point for functional programmers to convene and share skills, innovations and best practices.

“I'm thrilled to have Mikaela represent Yet at Clojure/west not only because of her expertise and experience in functional programming, but also because she is bringing attention to pervasive social issues in the developer community that we all too often ignore," said Jason Lewis, Chief Technology Officer at Yet.

Yet Analytics builds its core product in Clojure and ClojureScript, sponsors the Baltimore Clojure Meetup, and contributes to the Clojure open source ecosystem.

“Combining hand drawn visuals and a demo brewed with Clojure and ClojureScript, this talk will show viewers and attendees the inseparable link between web applications and distributed computing. We have the tools, now our industry must decide how to use them responsibly,” said Patella.

Clojure/west will be held at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront April 15 - 16, 2016. Patella will be presenting at 9:00am on Saturday, April 16, 2016.




About Yet Analytics, Inc.

Yet Analytics provides cutting-edge platforms for the multi-source collection and analysis of human and machine performance data. Yet Analytics was the winner of the Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in the fall of 2015.

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About Cognitect, Inc.

Cognitect, the creators of Clojure and hosts of Clojure/west, builds a suite of cloud-based products and services that route information through decision-making processes to build robust systems.

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