Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • May 31, 2017

Demystifying the Connections Between the LMS, LRS, and xAPI

The following is a short excerpt from an article at Learning Solutions Magazine, co-written by Margaret Roth, Brian Carlson at eThink Education, and Mike Hruska at Problem Solutions

If you’ve attended any learning conference in the last several years, you’ve inevitably seen the buzz around Learning Record Stores (LRS) and the Experience API (xAPI). With so many sessions and articles focused on the future potential for disruption that these technologies hold, many organization leaders are looking for ways to get started using this data interoperability solution in their own learning ecosystems. While our clients can clearly see the value of a seamlessly connected learning program on their roadmap, many people are still having difficulty identifying a practical starting point.

To help demystify this emerging technology, we present three examples of actual projects in which we combined data from the LMS with high-powered analytics to solve today’s challenges.

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