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Allie Tscheulin By Allie Tscheulin • November 7, 2016

Experience xAPI: 12 Can't Miss Sessions at DevLearn 2016

Can you believe it?  DevLearn 2016 is only a week away! As North America’s leading learning technology event, learning and development professionals throughout the country meet to discuss the latest in instructional design, data and measurement, enhanced realities, and emerging technologies.

This year the Experience API (xAPI), an open data interoperability specification, is at the top of everyone’s list and is set to have a huge impact on the future of L&D. With an opportunity to expand your xAPI knowledge during every session window, we thought that xAPI could use its own session track. So here it is — the DevLearn xAPI Experience — a track for people and organizations looking to record, connect and analyze both their traditional and nontraditional learner data in order to improve performance and results.

We hope you find this track helpful as you schedule your DevLearn days and we cannot wait to hear about how you experience xAPI throughout the conference. Don’t forget to visit the Yet Analytics team at booth #539 to get a hands on xAPI experience, a personalized LRS tour, and all your xAPI questions answered! 

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xAPI Camp
Tuesday November 15th
8:30AM - 4:30PM

See what’s possible with xAPI at this year’s xAPI Camp. Hosted by MakingBetter and esgined for xAPI newbies to seasoned pros, this full day pre-conference event features instruction and design for problem solving with xAPI, case studies, and networking.


Investigating Performance: Using Your Data Effectively
10:45AM-11:45AM with Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putnam

“Dive deep into how data should shape your learning systems design” and learn effective ways to extract meaning from your data in this instructional session.

Twelve Months of MOOCs: The Scars, Medals, and War Stories
10:45AM-11:45AM with Craig Taylor

Get a “behind-the-scenes perspective” of massive open online courses (MOOCs) with this instructional session. Not only about MOOC design and facilitation, this session will also show how to use xAPI and an LRS to inform design decisions.   

Dreamers and Pragmatists: What Really Needs to Happen Next to Make the xAPI Fly
1:15PM-2:15PM with Tim Martin

Without support from both individuals and learning record providers (LRPs), xAPI will not succeed. This session will offer “how LRPs can best ramp up their development teams” as well as what criteria an individual should look for in an xAPI conformant vendor.

Is It Working? Correlating Usage with the xAPI
3:00PM-4:00PM with Anthony Altieri

“How can you show the relationship between the activities and performance?” With xAPI of course! This session will highlight how xAPI brings together data from different platforms in order to analyze the full learner experience and then use that information to improve performance.


Wearable Learning: Connecting People to Capability
10:45AM-11:45AM with Vidya Krishnan and Diogo Julio

“Find out more about what the wearable future holds” at this “highly interactive” session of emerging tech including demos of VR and Ericsson Connected Print technology. After all, wearables can be tracked with xAPI too!

Getting Started with xAPI Statements
1:15PM-2:15PM with Sean Putnam

Start with the basics at this introductory session where attendees will “take a close-up look at what exactly makes up an xAPI statement” including format, vocabulary and context.

Dreaming of Electric Sheep: The Future of Learning
1:15PM-2:15PM with Julian Stodd

Are you ready for the future? "As distributed technology and AI start to intersect with learning” you'll need to be. This session will take a hands-on look at the emerging tech that will impact the future of learning. And with Philip K. Dick as the inspiration how could you go wrong?

Using the xAPI to Collect Learning Data from Simulations
3:00PM-4:00PM with Chad Jackson and Jon Aleckson and John Ehringer

One of the best ways to learn about xAPI is to see how others are using it and this “case study session” is the perfect place to get started! Hear about American College of Chest Physicians’ xAPI experience complete with “technical details, best practices, and lessons learned.”

Making Future-focused Platform Decisions with the xAPI
3:00PM-4:00PM with Megan Torrance and Rob Houck

Promising practical advice and takeaways for future proofing your learning ecosystem, this session promises to answer the question: “What if you could get the most out of both an LMS and an LRS (learning record store) at the same time that you move to your next-generation learning and performance infrastructure?”


The Quantified Learner: Using Wearables to Enhance Training
8:30AM-9:30AM with Mathias Vermeulen

More wearables? Of course! “The ‘Quantified Self, [is] a movement that recommends using technology to track a wide range of data about yourself and, through that information, to get to know yourself better.” With so much emerging tech, we are now able to gather enough data in the moment to take our learning and development approaches to the next level- "The Quantified Learner.”

Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts: Learning Analytics That Matter
8:30AM-9:30AM with Jessica Knox

After implementing xAPI, you have a constant flow of data but what do you do with it next? This session will explore how to define metrics and “take a tour of some of the most interesting examples of people and learning analytics in action.”

Using Immersive Simulations to Develop Real-world Skills
10:00AM-11:00AM with Keith Quinn

Simulations? Yup! xAPI can track that data too! “Explore both the learning theory and practical application that you’ll need to start designing simulations" built for the real world.

Other Events

Thursday November 17th

On Thursday early evening the doors open to DevLearn’s annual DemoFest, a showcase of learning solutions demonstrated live! With over 80 presentations, there will be plenty to see, share, and interact with during the two hour window. And while you are there, don’t forget to vote for you favorite demo!

Don't miss these xAPI specific projects:

  • Improving Engagement and Learning in Workforce Training with xAPI - Ben Erlandson, McKinsey Social Initiative and Margaret Roth, Yet Analytics
  • Simplifying Tracking of Training and Social Learning with xAPI and an LRS - Andrew Downes, Watershed
  • Engaging with Museums Using Beacon Badges and xAPI - Megan Torrance, TorranceLearning


xAPI Central and the DISC Roundtables
Expo Hall

xAPI Central is a dedicated space in the Expo Hall that was created this year to facilitate discussion and collaboration surrounding the xAPI specification during DevLearn. It will be the place to meet many of the leading xAPI vendors and to get your data questions answered. Also within that section DISC ( Data Interoperability Standards Consortium) will hold informal roundtable discussions and case study conversations with industry leaders in xAPI on various topics surrounding the specification.  

Morning Buzz
Every Morning from 7:30AM-8:15AM

For all the early birds out there, DevLearn offers a casual early morning discussion series each day of the conference. Share, learn and network with other attendees over a cup of coffee to get your day started off right!

Some xAPI Specific Morning Buzz sessions include:

  • xAPI: Why Should I Care? with Brian Dusablon on Wednesday Nov. 16
  • Making xAPI Data Useful with Jeff Batt on Thursday Nov. 17

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any sessions? Let us know! Send us an email at

If you want to get ready early, check out xAPI: An Introductory Guide E-book, xAPI in L&D: A Handbook for Learning and Development Organizations, or some xAPI case studies.

Updated 11/8/2016 to add Morning Buzz sessions.

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