Brit Keller By Brit Keller • January 21, 2019

From Data-Driven Learning Practices to Digital Transformation: Our List of Can't-Miss Sessions at ATD TechKnowledge

There are few things we love more at Yet Analytics than the opportunity to spend time with friends and colleagues and learn from their experiences. Not surprisingly, we are excited to hear others’ stories about their xAPI journey and look forward to deeper discussions on injecting more data-driven practices into the learning space, including assessments, evaluation and developing your ROI on learning. And we’re also pretty keen on anything related to the digital transformation of learning, from adaptive learning to cutting edge technology solutions. With this in mind, we’ve put together our list of can’t-miss sessions at the 2019 ATD TechKnowledge conference.

Also be sure to visit us at Booth #107 to experience our interactive analytics and visual talent dashboards or schedule a meeting with us for a personalized info session. Our team is looking forward to seeing you at this year's ATD TK conference!

xAPI-Focused Sessions

  • Workshop 1 - Learn xAPI with Brian Dusablon and Sean Putman: In this workshop, we will guide you through developing your own xAPI-enabled project. The day will start with an update on the standards of xAPI. Then, we will walk through the process of developing a data strategy and planning for data analysis and visualization. You will experience working with actual data and sample projects firsthand to learn how to develop and publish xAPI-enabled content for a specific outcome. We will collect a stream of live, real-time data from your projects throughout the day!
  • W205 - Powering Next-Gen Learning With VR and xAPI with John Blackmon, Jeff Kribs and Brit Keller: In this session, you will learn about the benefits of VR training and explore case studies that demonstrate how organizations are designing and building their own xAPI-enabled 360-degree VR content to support employee learning when it comes to safety, soft skills, and onboarding.
  • W304 - Finding Answers: Building xAPI Queries with Anthony Altieri: In this session, we'll look at how you can use xAPI queries to pull data from your LRS and use it to meet your students' needs. Using practical examples, we'll explore what is needed to build effective queries, how they might guide you in building your statements, and how you can use the data to give your learners an optimum learning experience!
  • TH106 - XAPI: An Introduction for Instructional Designers with Megan Torrance: After a brief introduction to xAPI and what's new about it from the instructional design side, this session will discuss three key areas that impact instructional design: identifying learning data needs, data sources, and meaningful visualizations that answer organizational and L&D questions; making choices about infrastructure---how and when to work with your LMS, your LRS, or both; and models for taking advantage of xAPI across a variety of learning vectors---formal and informal, social and private, formative and summative, predictable and variable.
  • FR104 - Experience API 201: Move From Experimentation to Mastery with TJ Seabrooks: This session will address three core considerations to help you get started with xAPI: security, trust, and profiles. When it comes to security, you'll learn the basics regarding authentication for both launched and non-launched learning content. You'll learn how to build trust using statement signing, infrastructure, and encryption, which will help you rest assured when it comes to the veracity of statements. We'll also teach you the basics for using profiles in your organization so that you can create meaningful reports based on consistently expressed activities.
  • FR206 - Learning Data and the Mobile Workforce: Learning From Mobile Learners with Paul Bradley: Learn how mobility, xAPI learning data management, and learning data analytics tools can work together not only to engage the mobile employee, but also to give you new insights into the business impact of your training investments.

Data-Driven Learning Practices

  • W301 - Build, Measure, Learn: Lean UX for Instructional Design with Becca Wilson: In this session, you'll learn a simple framework for selecting the best approach for the problem you want to solve and practice applying it to a scenario. Walk away with a set of user experience design tools that help you identify and prioritize assumptions, conduct user-centric research, set goals that hold your team accountable, and engage stakeholders in generating ideas.
  • W402 - Creating Assessments That Actually Measure What You Want To Measure with Kevin Lange: In this session, we will explore the types of assessment questions---as well as the wording, structure, and order---and how smart planning can make all the difference in ensuring your tests and surveys result in accurate measurements and reliable, meaningful data.
  • W404 - A Data-Driven Approach to Building a Learning Culture with Corina Kolbe & Neil Edde: As companies increasingly turn to data solutions to better source, hire, and retain talent, this session will share two executives' experiences on how talent leaders can effectively leverage data to close skills gaps, improve engagement, instill a culture of learning, and boost retention. The session will give you an inside look at how the most innovative companies are implementing online, personalized learning programs, putting the power in the hands of their employees to control their own career and driving outcomes that demand attention throughout the C-suite.
  • TH101 - Leveraging Technology to Measure and Improve Your Learning Programs with Jeffrey Berk: Over the last several years, L&D professionals have been told to focus on big data and learning analytics and that doing so earns a seat at the table. As a result, there's been an effort to collect a lot of data and generate a lot of reports. The unintended consequences of this are low response rates and little use of the data to improve performance. This session will present a fresh approach to shift the mindset from measurement and reporting to performance improvement using simple yet effective technology to facilitate the process.

Learning Technology and the Digital Transformation:

  • W104 - Right Size Fits One: Getting Started With Adaptive Learning with JD Dillon: In this session, you'll discover how adaptive learning can help you overcome this challenge and transform the workplace learning experience. You'll explore new ways to leverage data and technology to provide a personalized learning experience for every employee. You'll discuss the principles necessary to get started with adaptive learning in your organization today.
  • W105 - Putting Learners in Control with Robert Jones & Jeff DeSmet: In this session, you'll hear about a recent experience using a "jobs-to-be-done" perspective to develop a new learning resource that puts learners in control of where and how they're acquiring knowledge and skills. You'll discover the decisions and changes that were made in real time based on learners' reactions. You'll gain a deep understanding of how to include your learners in the design of new learning experiences that focus on the capabilities most important to them.
  • TH304 - Beyond Hype: 7 Ways to Take Your Tech Strategy From Ideal to Real with Ryan Heinl: Full of practical tips, this session will help you cut through the overwhelming possibilities and focus your attention on the specific tactics most likely to be adopted by your learners and deliver the best ROI. Leave this session inspired to experiment with new technologies and empowered to create a purposeful strategy for implementation!
  • FR105 - Learning in the Age of Immediacy: How the Digital Transformation Transforms Training:with Brandon Carson: The rapid pace of digital transformation is altering the business landscape. To appropriately support this change, the modern learning organization must transform how it designs and delivers learning, and how it evaluates and measures its success in supporting the workplace. This session highlights five technologies that are driving the digital transformation and bringing disruption to the business of learning. You will discuss practical strategies for understanding how these edge technologies can integrate into learning strategies.


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