Rose Burt By Rose Burt • November 14, 2017

Getting Started with xAPI

Over at LinkedIn, Melissa Milloway of Amazon has put together a great tutorial for instructional designers getting started with xAPI:

"In an effort to create more adoption of xAPI, I wanted to help demystify it a bit by creating tutorials on getting started with xAPI.

In this first video, I go through Anthony Altieri's Getting Started With xAPI tutorial. In the second video, I alter Anthony's script to pass parameters into the xAPI statement structure. In the third video, I move all of the JavaScript to its own file and write the inline onclicks in jQuery and add them to the JavaScript file.

The tutorial will have you fill in your LRS (Learning Record Store) information to create a basic auth (allowing access to your LRS). It will also have you add in two files. You can use any LRS you like, that's the beauty of xAPI. It doesn't matter what LRS you use, as long as you have one. You can copy and paste Anthony's code into an HTML document and see the magic happening!"

This tutorial uses the free sandbox version of the Yet LRS to collect xAPI data, and includes a couple short videos to walk you through all the steps. It's a great way for learning designers to get hands-on with xAPI. Melissa recently also put together a great xAPI Enabled Virtual Reality project for the xAPI Cohort – check out our upcoming webinar if you're interested in hearing more about xAPI and VR/AR.

Check out the full tutorial over at LinkedIn. 

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