Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • November 13, 2015

Headed to the Conj

By Margaret Roth

As you may have noticed, we love Clojure. We love Clojure so much that we think about it all the time. Some of our devs even claim to have dreamed in Clojure.

This love of Clojure makes November extra special. “Why?” you may ask?

Because it’s Clojure/conj!

Bright an early Sunday morning, our dev team will be taking the first train to Philly for the annual convening of the original conference for Clojure and its community. We’ve already picked out our schedule and thought it would be nice to share our top three sessions.

Here are the three sessions we’re most looking forward to:

  1. Using Clojure+Spark to Find All the Topics on the Interwebs
  2. Clojure for Business Teams - Decomplecting Data Analysis
  3. Solving Problems with Automata


As a company that builds our core product in Clojure we’re honored to be a supporting sponsor and we are ready for an excitingly exhausting three days of nonstop Clojure talks.

If you’d like to meet up with our team, just send a tweet to @YetDevs or reach out directly to @canweriotnow, @meatcomputer, and @miltreder. If you’d prefer to email, send a note to

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