Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • June 5, 2018

Improving the Learner Experience Through an xAPI-Enabled Multi-Source Content Portal

As part of the ongoing xAPI Case Studies Webinar Series hosted by the IEEE LTSC TAG xAPI, the Yet team shared a presentation providing an overview of the creation of the Learning Commons. The Learning Commons is a shared space for connecting and accelerating educator learning created in partnership by the Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics with support from innovative education organizations.

The Learning Commons is also a multi-source content portal designed from the ground up with xAPI. By using xAPI as part of the core infrastructure, the Learning Commons not only delivers a unified learner experience in a single interface but aligns content to competencies through the unified data model. This alignment of content, competencies, and activities, allows learners to see how the informal learning content they use connects to the development of the competencies they are working to build. As learners utilize content from across digital sources through curated playlists, skill development is automatically tracked and presented back to learners, cohort leaders, and content providers through xAPI data.

Check out the presentation slides on Google Slides or on SlideShare, or for more information on the process of connecting competencies to an activity data model, read the white paper

Many thanks to the IEEE LTSC TAG xAPI for inviting us to participate in the webinar series and share this work! And of course, if you are interested in learning more about the technology behind the Learning Commons, check out the Yet LXi page on our website or join us for our upcoming webinar where we will explore measuring informal learning with the Yet LXi on June 19th.

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