Brit Keller By Brit Keller • September 10, 2018

Introducing Yet's VP of Enterprise Sales: Mike Anthony

Yet Analytics is a team of nerds. We are artists, engineers, and explorers. We believe in the power of technology to build the future we want to live in, and we work to make that reality, every day. We call Baltimore home, and we care deeply about the future, our city, and what it means to be human in a world surrounded by technology.

We're so excited about the team we're building that we want to show them off a bit. In the interview below, we'll introduce you to our VP of Enterprise Sales Mike Anthony — the person who helps our customers design and build the best solutions for their organization.

So Mike, tell us a little about yourself... 

What do you do at Yet Analytics? Enterprise sales and revenue growth.

What is your experience prior to joining Yet? I have 20+ years as an advertising & technology sales executive. Whether as an individual contributor or a sales leader, my most rewarding experience has always been working with others building team unity towards achieving company and client goals.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Family time, live music, home projects, exercising, boating, golf (bad golf, but fun) and now raising a puppy. 

Mike Pics-1

Tell us something we don’t know about you yet. Most people see me as being fairly confident. I am, but I always view myself as the underdog with something to prove. It helps me stay humble but hungry.

How did you find out about Yet? Through friends and former work colleagues.

What was it about Yet that guided you to join our team? Small, close knit team with strong conviction and passion of advancement of Yet learning technology. Solid leadership.

Now that you’ve been here a little while, tell what you love the most about working at Yet? The excitement/ buzz from the team that follows every new business opportunity is awesome. Cohesive nature of the team and how all ideas are shared openly is great!

Using only 5 words, how would you describe our culture? Energetic, intelligent, passionate, transparent, confident.

Using only 5 words, how would you describe our products? Innovative, ground-breaking, evolving, flexible, desired.

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