Brit Keller By Brit Keller • January 29, 2019

January 2019 Yet Analytics Product Update #2

At Yet Analytics we’re committed to providing you with exceptional products and extraordinary user experiences. That’s why we push regular updates and enhancements to our product suite and welcome your feedback anytime. We’ll keep you informed of all of our product enhancements right here on the Yet blog. And don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips when using our products!


This month we've had so many great things happening, we decided to publish two product updates! Here is a recap of all the great product enhancements we pushed in the second half of January 2019, including a new data card and ongoing UX and performance upgrades:

Retiring Old Dashboard View & New Sandbox Feature Set

As we mentioned in our last update, we are retiring our old dashboard view and moving fully to the new dashboard views as of January 29. You can access your Yet dashboards at If you haven’t already, please watch this introductory video to our new dashboard views.

With this change, our Sandbox users will see some changes to their account. You can still create as many Sandbox LRS' as you would like, and can still store as many xAPI statements as you wish. Your dashboards will visualize the last rolling 30 days of statements. In addition, a Sandbox LRS only has one dashboard attached to it, with a maximum of 6 cards.

You still have access to the full data card library and you can fully customize your Sandbox dashboards however you wish, including editing, rearranging, and deleting cards. To accommodate these changes, all Sandbox LRS dashboard’s have been reset to a new dashboard template that aligns with our new Sandbox experience. None of your xAPI data has been affected by this dashboard change.

If you're ready to upgrade from your Sandbox account to an enterprise LRS license (starting at $3,990 annually), just reach out to us at With the enterprise license you'll get full timespan reporting, unlimited dashboards and unlimited data card configurations.

New Stacked Leaderboard Data Card

We've added a new data card to our data card library - the Stacked Leaderboard data card. The Stacked Leaderboard data card allows you to display stacked values of objects, verbs, and actors related to other objects, verbs and actors. There are three different graph types that you can choose from in this card — Stacked Column Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Drill-down Pie Chart.

Stacked Bar Leaderboard

stacked bar

Stacked Column Leaderboard

stacked column

Stacked Pie Leaderboard

stacked pie

You can find these graph options from the graph drop down menu when editing the settings for the card.

add new

Check out the full Stacked Leaderboard data card article in our Knowledge Base here.

We love your feedback!

We love to hear from everyone working with our platform. Please send us your feedback at any time using the red Feedback button on the bottom of the Yet interface - we’ll include your feedback in our next product roadmap review!


Haven't tried the new Yet xAPI LRS yet? We recommend starting out by watching our Getting Started videoClick below to check out the demo! 

Check out the Yet xAPI LRS Demo

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