Allie Tscheulin By Allie Tscheulin • July 11, 2018

Kick-start Your Data Transformation with the Yet Data Strategy Workbook

When developing a data strategy, many organizations will start by focusing on the gaps, challenges, issues, and lack of clarity that they currently have. While these factors are certainly what can drive the need for data management and reporting improvements, they are not the right place to start when setting the stage for a successful data initiative.

Through our work with customers over the years, organizations with the most successful transformations are the ones that start their data strategy not by filling gaps, but rather by defining the goals that drive where they want to go. With this approach organizations have been able to more effectively get the buy-in they need, design the learning ecosystem they want, and build the roadmap to move them forward.

It is from these experiences that we have captured time tested best practices in data strategy development in this Data Strategy Workbook. This workbook will help you outline and define the important elements of your data strategy through four stages—Preparation, Evaluation, Evidence, and Presentation—providing you and your team with a clear foundation to build your learning data transformation roadmap.


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