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May 2019 Yet Analytics Product Update

At Yet Analytics we’re committed to providing you with exceptional products and extraordinary user experiences. That’s why we push regular updates and enhancements to our product suite and welcome your feedback anytime. We’ll keep you informed of all of our product enhancements right here on the Yet blog. And don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips when using our products!


Dashboard Privacy

The Yet platform allows dashboard authors to set a dashboard to either public or private. A public dashboard can be seen by and interacted with any user assigned to your LRS. A private dashboard can only be seen by and interacted with users that have been specifically granted the ability to manage, view, and/or edit the dashboard. Every user assigned to your LRS can also be a user on your dashboards. In other words, if a user has not been assigned to your LRS, you will not be able to grant them access and/or permissions to a private dashboard.

All dashboards are public by default.

Public Dashboards

A public dashboard can be seen by and interacted with any user assigned to your LRS. Public dashboards can be used to share consistent information with a wide audience (i.e., all users assigned to the LRS will have access to public dashboards). Public dashboards can be viewed and edited by any user assigned to the LRS. This means that any changes made by any user on a public dashboard will be seen by all users of that public dashboard.

Private Dashboards

A private dashboard can only be seen by and interacted with users that have been specifically granted the ability to manage, view, and/or edit the dashboard. Private dashboards can be used for individual research purposes or to share controlled information with a more limited audience. The author of a private dashboard is automatically assigned as a manager of the dashboard.  

Managers can assign other users to the dashboard with the following permission options: View, Edit and/or Manage.

Users who are granted "Manager" permissions have the following abilities: set the dashboard to public or private; delete the dashboard; control the permissions of other users for the dashboard, which includes making other users managers as well. It is important to note that if there are multiple managers of a dashboard, all managers are granted the same permissions.

Users who have been granted "View" permissions are able to view a private dashboard, but unable to make changes. However, the user can copy the dashboard to create their own editable version.

Users who have been granted "View" and "Edit" permissions are able to view, copy and also make changes to the dashboard. If the user makes changes to the dashboard, then all users of the dashboards will see those changes.

Permission Manage View View + Edit
View Dashboard X X X
Copy Dashboard X X X
Edit Dashboard X   X
Rename Dashboard X    
Set Private or Public X    
Delete Dashboard X    
Manage User X    


Dashboard Management Panel

The dashboard manager can set a dashboard to public or private and set the associated user permissions from the Dashboard Management panel. Click dashboard settings and navigate to the "Manage" option.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.50.57 PM (2)

The Dashboard Management panel presents the following options: rename the dashboard, set privacy, and manage users. There is no Save button - as you make changes in the panel, they are automatically applied to the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.57.12 PM (2)

By clicking the "Private" toggle, you can make the dashboard private (by default all are public). An icon will appear near the dashboard name to indicate this is a private dashboard that can only be viewed by those it has been shared with.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 2.57.24 PM (2)

All of the users assigned to the LRS will be listed in the user table. From there you can manage their permissions, such as giving them view only access as shown below.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.13.03 PM

The dashboard manager can also promote another user to be a manager as well, at which point the view and edit permissions are automatically granted.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.12.37 PM

Below is what a user with view only permissions on a private dashboard will see. A notice will appear at the top indicating their limited access, and all buttons on the dashboard that normally support edit interactions will be disabled.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.35.55 PM (2)

For more information, please check out our Dashboard Privacy article in the Yet Knowledge Base.

We love your feedback!

We love to hear from everyone working with our platform. Please send us your feedback at any time using the red Feedback button on the bottom of the Yet interface - we’ll include your feedback in our next product roadmap review!


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