Brit Keller By Brit Keller • August 28, 2018

Meet Yet's UX Expert: Erika Lee

Yet Analytics is a team of nerds. We are artists, engineers, and explorers. We believe in the power of technology to build the future we want to live in, and we work to make that reality, every day. We call Baltimore home, and we care deeply about the future, our city, and what it means to be human in a world surrounded by technology.

We're so exciting about the team we're building that we want to show them off a bit. In the below interview, we'll introduce you to our UX expert, Erika Lee - the person that keeps us on point when it comes to creating the amazing user experiences you've come to expect from Yet.


So Erika, tell us a little about yourself...

What do you do at Yet Analytics? UX Designer and Software Developer

What is your experience prior to joining Yet? I am a self taught coder! I do however have two degrees in Graphic Design and Art History. Both of these degrees have helped me to see how users will work with our products and solutions.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I enjoy grocery shopping, cooking food with lots of spices, and playing with my pets Cat and Kitty. 

Cat and Kitty

Tell us something we don’t know about you yet. I am subscribed to 46 podcasts. It seems excessive?

How did you find out about Yet? I was searching for jobs to work with my coding skills and I ran across your information! I also somewhat met Margaret while I was finishing up a seminar at the Peele Center in Downtown Baltimore. While we didn't speak, maybe it was in the clouds for us to connect.

What was it about Yet that guided you to join our team? I really enjoy learning about the products that Yet offers. I also like seeing a team that is excited about change and incorporating new ideas from different perspectives. Overall, I knew I wanted to work with a team that was forward looking in terms of products, culture, and ideas.

Now that you’ve been here a little while, tell what you love the most about working at Yet? I love how willing everyone is at helping me figure things out. No matter if its learning more about the technical work aspects or figuring out the best weekend spots to explore, I know I can get great advice from the team.

Using only 5 words, how would you describe our culture? Innovative, Forward Thinking, Inviting, Exciting, and Energetic.

Using only 5 words, how would you describe our products? Engaging, Transforming, Informing, Visual, Personalized

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