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Rose Burt By Rose Burt • July 12, 2017

Modern Learning Ecosystem Design with the Experience API

This week Yet is pleased to share an excerpt of our latest eBook, Modern Learning Ecosystem Design with the Experience API, your guide to understanding how xAPI connects to your learning tools and provides data access and insights to power the modern learning and development organization:

An xAPI-Powered Learning Ecosystem

A learning ecosystem is made up of all the things that people in your organization use to learn what they need to learn, know what they need to know, and access the information that they need to access in order for them to be successful. The learning ecosystem is different in every organization, but every learning ecosystem includes some combination of technologies, tools, and resources that employees need to get the job done.

Your learning ecosystem can include many things – your learning management system, in-person training courses, blended online programs, micro-learning mobile apps, team communication tools, and anything else that you use to train, support, and develop your team members. When the data from across those tools and resources is connected, a complete personalized profile of the employee experience can be created.

The Experience API (xAPI) is the data interoperability specification for capturing and connecting the data of experiences that people have across, with, and through technologies in the connected world. In other words, xAPI can be thought of as a data language that allows information from different systems to be stored in a common format in a specialized learning data warehouse called a Learning Record Store.

At a basic level, a Learning Record Store (LRS) does exactly what the name says: it stores learning records in the form of xAPI data. An LRS can do a lot more, especially when visual analytics are part of the package. The data captured by xAPI can be analyzed and used to provide insights to drive personalization and innovation in many business functions including training, development, and human resources.


Download the free eBook to read more about different learning ecosystem configurations, design considerations, and applications.

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