Mike Anthony By Mike Anthony • February 18, 2019

Quality Time at ATD TK 2019

At this year’s ATD TechKnowledge in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Yet Analytics team had the opportunity to speak with a number of L&D leaders and tech professionals currently working to bring the latest innovations in data, analytics, and learning technologies to their teams. In this post, Yet’s VP of Enterprise Sales Mike Anthony shares his insight into conversations and experience at the conference.


IMG_9793-2I’m a firm believer in finding positive outcomes in everything you do. Keep your eyes (and ears) wide open so you can capture the complete picture during the course of events.

This years ATD TechKnowledge conference was a great example of just that. A multitude of great sessions packed into several days in a very nice venue in warm, sunny Florida. The expo floor traffic buzzed at certain times between scheduled sessions. However, with so many great sessions (and likely the awesome weather) such as were mentioned by my colleague Brit Keller in her previous blog Can’t Miss Sessions at ATD TechKnowledge, I found while there may have been less traffic in the expo hall, people were ready to invest more time - quality time.

This quality time meant we could spend more time truly learning more important details of each organization’s current situation and challenges - a mini Data Strategy Assessment if you will.

  • What is the current structure of your learning ecosystem - what platforms and the type of data from each?
  • What are the specific insights you want to gather from your data? Who has access to the data? How much transparency into the data?
  • What data would you like to have access to - more granular details?
  • Once you have the type of insight needed from your data in an ideal format, how would it impact your team, department or overall organization? Would you be able to offer more concrete data that would help your stakeholders?

In many cases, it’s about finding the right place to start. Being able to spend more time learning the various factors affecting how L&D leaders can measure real performance and ROI is so valuable. Remember to keep your eyes (and ears) wide open! 

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