Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • February 4, 2016

Raising a Seed Round...Yet?

Last week, Yet Analytics co-founders Margaret Roth and Shelly Blake-Plock took to the stage of the Arch Social Club to share their insights on "Raising a Seed Round" at the year's first Startup Soiree. Alongside Patrick Rife, co-founder of Pixilated and moderator of Startup Soiree, Margaret and Shelly shared the Yet story so far, and many of the lessons learned along the way.

This event was not only the first Startup Soiree of the year, but the first event for entrepreneurs to be held in Baltimore's recently announced Innovation Village, a partnership led by the Mount Royal Community Development Corporation that works to unify over 20 community organizations, universities, and government institutions, aiming to bring economic development and innovation through entrepreneurship to West Baltimore. The event brought nearly 200 entrepreneurs from across the city to the corner of Pennsylvania and North.

Many great pieces of advice were shared, summarized in quotable one-liners...

  • "Working at a startup is relentless." 
  • "There is a difference between knowing you need help and asking for it."
  • "You should like your investors, you are going to be working with them."
  • "Baltimore should never settle for second best."
  • "Work for yourself."
  • "Nobody congratulates you on getting a mortgage, they congratulate you on building a home."

Margaret and Shelly made one thing clear — closing investment is not about raising money — it's about getting what you need to build your company and the people that you want to build it with.

Thank you to all of the people who made this event happen, especially Richard May, co-founder of the Mount Royal Community Development Corporation, Van Anderson, President of the Arch Social Club, and Julie Hove Andersen and her wonderful photographs.




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