Allie Tscheulin By Allie Tscheulin • October 15, 2018

Taking xAPI from Hobby to Organizational Change

In this episode of the Yet Podcast, you'll hear from Amy Parent, Senior Learning Experience Designer at the NeuroLeadership Institute. After working her way through the xAPI Cohort and exploring the possibilities of xAPI, she saw the opportunity to transition xAPI from a place of hobby to a place of organizational need as part of her work in NLI's Digital Frontiers team.

Just to highlight a few of the incredible been-there, done-that, made-it-better advice she shared in the conversation:

  • "What Google Analytics did for marketing, xAPI is doing for learning."
  • "What we're trying to do is transfer our learning into a more scalable, digital, and measurable experience for learners."
  • "Try it out, get some small wins, get some results, get something tangible that people can see and react to."

Listen in to hear how Amy built the case for xAPI, began a pilot project, and started achieving early wins, gaining results, and created something with shared value across teams in her organization.



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