Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • May 11, 2017

The 7 Can’t Miss Sessions for Driving Business Forward with Learning Data at ATD

The Yet Analytics team is excited to be exhibiting at the ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition this month in Atlanta! While we’re making last minute preparations for our booth, you know we had to take a look at all the great sessions on data, the Experience API, performance measurement, and learning analytics.

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen this quarter is business unit leaders and L&D decision makers working together to take a hard look at the learning data they have to make a plan to turn that data into action that drives the entire business forward.

If one of your big goals for attending ATD is to return to your team with a roadmap for how you will demonstrate the impact of learning on the business before ATD 2018, these are the 7 can’t miss sessions to get you there:

7. Advanced Learning Intelligence: Using Analytics to Measure and Change Your Business with Grace Chang and Andy Tanner — “Recent surveys showed that 75 percent of organizations rate analytics as important to their learning development strategies, but only 5 percent excel at using this capability to deliver.” Don’t be part of that 75%. Attend this session to get the foundation for making learning measurement a driver of business strategy.

6. ATD 2027 — News from the Not Too Distant Future of Learning with Travis Waugh — Let’s take a risk. It’s 2027. There’s new technology to use, new problems to solve, and people are learning things that we didn’t even know that we needed to train them for. From personalized to adaptive, virtual training to A.I., this session covers every concept we know we need to get to know in order to future-proof our organizations. And the best part? It’s all data driven.

5. Talent Development Reporting Principles: Your Guide to Measurement and Reporting for L&D with David Vance — “Have you ever wondered what data to collect, how it should be organized and reported, and how it should be used when conducting an evaluation?” Yes Yes we have. Attend this session to get practical steps to bring the Talent Development Reporting Principles framework to action for your learning and development initiatives.

4. Learning Technologies Community Theater with Megan Torrance, Nick Floro, and JD Dillon — An ATD special, this edition of Community Theater will feature the step-by-step perspectives of three xAPI implementation and data interoperability leaders. See the power of xAPI for tracking employee experiences across learning technologies for yourself, and leave with grounded tactics to approach your xAPI strategy.

3. Seize the Data: Re-Energize Learning and Development With the Proven “Musts” with Evan Sinar and Barry Stern — Data. Data. Data. You have it, learn how to seize it! Take a walk in the shoes of “learning experience managers, a new breed of learning and development leaders and practitioners, who want to use data and technology to re-energize the learning experience.” Then get the practical steps for prioritizing L&D efforts that drive business results.

2. Using Workforce Analytics to Navigate Organizational Change with Fredricka Joyner — The most valuable resource your organization has is its people. The second most valuable resource your organization has is their time. Both are limited. Learn how to connect the data of your people to take on tough challenges like communication, retention, culture shift, workforce planning, and conflict resolution. It could change everything.

1. xAPI: Getting Internal Buy-in From Your Stakeholders with Megan Torrance and Art Werkenthin — If you haven’t heard of xAPI, or have heard of it but still are not sure what it means for your organization, this is your chance to get the run-down. Get ready for a jam-packed session that answers all your questions. You’ll walk out the door connected to the resources you need to take on your business problem with an xAPI-powered pilot.

We know that transforming your L&D data into insights that drive business results while supporting your team members is a major priority. If you’re ready to get serious about using the experience data of your employees to drive business impact, the Yet Analytics team will be ready for you!

Visit us at booth 2420 to learn how you can turn your big challenges into a strategic action plan for moving forward with xAPI-powered business insights in the Yet xAPI Learning Record Store.

Can't wait for ATD? Check out the live demo of the Yet xAPI Learning Record Store for yourself.

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