Rose Burt By Rose Burt • July 31, 2017

The Future of Learning

 Over at the Learning While Working podcast, Sprout Labs' Robin Petterd recently sat down with Yet's Shelly Blake-Plock to talk xAPI and the future of learning:

Welcome to the Learning While Working podcast. I'm Robin, the host of the podcast. This is another podcast in our series on xAPI. In this podcast I'm talking with Shelly Blake-Plock, one of the founders of Yet Analytics. Shelly talks about how he and his team came to need xAPI when they wanted to record informal learning.

Shelly gives some great examples of the power of xAPI, and there's one moment in the podcast where he talks about combining heart rate data with simulation data, that triggered for me a whole lot of possibilities around monitoring different types of data as people are performing or practising.

One of the really nice things about Shelly that's different to a lot people working with xAPI is he has a really nice way of thinking about it in terms of it just being activity data over time and really nothing more than that. That then has a lot of other powerful things about what can be recorded, what can be looked at and what can be thought about.

I really hope you enjoy this podcast. It was a great conversation with Shelly about why xAPI is important.


 Check out the full podcast embedded above, or see the full transcript at the SproutLabs website.

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