Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • June 7, 2018

The Realities360 Learning Designer’s Track: 12 Can’t Miss Sessions

If you’re reading this, you’re part of a self-selected group of innovators at your organization. You’re not looking at what’s next for our industry — because you already know! In a few weeks you’ll find yourself in the center of Silicon Valley at Realities360, ready to collect practical action steps and strategic support to combine innovations in augmented reality, virtual reality, and simulations with the learning and development programs you’ve already put to work.

That’s why, from our perspective, we’re skipping the whole conversation around “if” new reality technologies are going to be used in training. They have been for years, as anyone who’s ever spent some time in Flight Simulator knows well, and to paraphrase and repurpose Mr. Gibson, this future just wasn’t evenly distributed. Well, get ready, because it’s about to become the new reality in corporate training!

And if you combine the tools you need that are likely already sitting on your desk with this officially unofficial “Show me how right now!” Learning Designer’s Track for Realities360, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Keynote: Exploring the Immersive Technology Landscape

8:30am Tuesday — David Kelly: Ever wonder how we got here? Examine over $6 billion in investments in the immersive technology market since 2012 and research findings to explore how these platforms are evolving for both consumers and the enterprise.

Creating Virtual Reality Training Using Interactive 360 Videos and Images

10:45am Tuesday — Daryl Fleary, Margaret Roth & Laura SilverGet both the strategic evidence you need on how VR training leads to higher retention rates and be one of the first to get hands-on access to CenarioVR. Not only is CenarioVR a comprehensive VR content authoring tool, but it’s fully xAPI-enabled, meaning that you can author and deliver awesome content and get insight into how and why it’s working with embedded learning analytics. >> Yet Alert — We will be presenting alongside Yet partner Trivantis to dive into the analytics! 

360 Video: Processes for Creating Immersive Video Experiences

1:00pm Tuesday — Nathan McClure, Aidan Hoyal & Merritt ChandlerNo matter what medium you’re using, when creating a high quality learning experience the design process is critical. Learn the best practices in storyboarding narratives and creating high production value VR content from a Vanderbilt instructional design and production team.

Smart User Experience Design for VR and AR Learning Experiences

2:30pm Tuesday — Scott McCormickWith all the VR excitement comes new challenges: as you can imagine, a poor user experience in VR will be far worse for the learner than it is in more traditional content delivery formats. Learn how to get VR UX right and see how to make compelling nonlinear content that leverages acceleration, audio, and scale to make the most of your screenless environments. 

Case Study: Using VR for Training Venue Management Skills

4:00pm Tuesday — Michael Cuales & Bethanne TobeyTake a walk through the creation process of 360 VR guest relations training, guided by the Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications team at NC State University who developed it. You’ll get to experience their VR training for yourself and learn from the steps they took to create this immersive and engaging training program. 

Keynote: Dawn of the New Everything

8:30am Thursday — Jaron LanierDirect from the consciousness that coined the term virtual reality, hear Jaron Lanier’s take on how the brain and the body connect to our realities, and what that means for us living in this moment of transformative “technological possibility.” 

Virtual Reality Training at Volvo

10:45am Wednesday — Amanda Clarida and Abhijit NavaleIf you want to know how to convince your stakeholders to make the investment in VR for training, this is the session for you. Learn the strategy and decision-making process that Volvo used distributed VR training to successfully support a product launch. 

Cardboard: Inside a Rapid VR for Learning Project

1:00pm Wednesday — Ann Rollins & Myra RoldanAt this point in the conference you’ll be starting to answer the question “What can I do on Monday to get this thing going?” This presentation by GP Strategies and Amazon team members will get you ready for your MVP. 

Business Simulations for Learning: Strategy, Design & Serious Play

2:30pm Wednesday — Colin Welch & Temitope IbiyemiMore case studies, more case studies, more case studies! Learn how Diageo used a gamified bar simulation to make complex management content easy to understand and more enjoyable to learn. You’ll get the theory, the case study, and a data-driven perspective.

Keynote: How Augmented Reality is Driving Enterprise Transformation

4:00pm Wednesday — Rika NakazawaInstead of looking at how we got here, Rika Nakazawa’s keynote will explore the signals that tell us where we are going. She’ll share case studies that provide clear evidence that AR is driving a massive shift in training transformation and that the major ROI for AR is in the enterprise.

Social Learning Through VR/AR at Visa

8:30am Thursday — Shelley Henson & Kara OrellanaWith new worlds come new ways to connect! Learn from Visa’s global learning leadership how they improved social learning with VR and AR technologies. Bonus, this is the only session that promises to share a “template” for how you can build VR learning experiences for teams at your own organization. 

Overcoming Barriers to Augmented Reality

10:00am Thursday — Bianca Woods, Urbie Delgado, Johnny Hamilton & Steve RicheyYou should never pass up a good panel! Moderated by The eLearning Guild’s senior manager of programming, this session will chronicle the lessons learned by four practitioners who have already brought AR technologies to their development programs.

In between all these great case studies and how-tos, don’t forget to get some headset experience with VR, AR, and simulation training content at the tech showcase. The Yet Analytics team will be joining Trivantis in the showcase to answer all things VR analytics, and of course we’re always happy to talk xAPI and learning ecosystem design.

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