Yet at Clojure/conj 2017

By Rose Burt • October 25, 2017

This October, Yet was pleased to present at and sponsor the annual Clojure/conj, right here in Baltimore. The Conj is always a great opportunity for our dev team to soak in some new ideas and connect with folks in the community; we were particularly proud to have two of our developers presenting this year. We also had a great time sharing our city with folks from around the country, making sure they got a taste of what the city is like beyond the Inner Harbor.

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At Clojure/west conference, Mikaela Patella, senior software engineer at data analytics startup Yet Analytics, presents on distributed systems.

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Headed to the Conj

By Margaret Roth • November 13, 2015

Yet Analytics is headed to Clojure/conj and we're proud to be a supporting sponsor!

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We're Hiring!

By Margaret Roth • August 12, 2015

Interested in joining our team? Great! We're interested in learning about you!

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Announcing xapi-schema

By Milt Reder • June 3, 2015

We love the Experience API. We also love Clojure. Today we are happy to announce the release of our xapi-schema library for Clojure(Script) and JavaScript.

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Last night, ETC Eastern was host to the Baltimore Clojure Meetup, a group of Clojure, Lisp, and other functional programming enthusiasts that meet monthly to share new projects and interesting challenges currently being worked on.

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Clojure/conj 2014 in Five Talks

By Jason Lewis • December 17, 2014

We were fortunate to be able to attend Clojure/conj this year in Washington, D.C. Below you will find some commentary on our five favorite talks followed by some highlights from the conference.

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Gaining Clojure in Bmore

By Jason Lewis • November 20, 2014

As you may have heard, we're building our core product in Clojure. While this might sound crazy, we're not the only ones using Clojure in Baltimore, and we're excited to see the Clojure community here grow; as I see it, Clojure is important to Baltimore and its vibrant tech startup scene in more ways than one.

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Datalog at Play

By Milt Reder • November 20, 2014

This past weekend the Yet Analytics dev team took home the sponsor prize from Lookingglass Cyber Solutions for our clojurescript project at the third Baltimore Hackathon. Lookingglass' challenge provides a UI (in Om) and a messaging system (using core.async) for a game of checkers and asks the challengee to implement the game logic, suggesting features such as move validation, AI and a game state recorder.

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