Merging the theory-based iNACOL Blended Learning Educator Competency Framework and the practice-based work of the TLA Human Capital cohort together, The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics, Inc. have announced the Educator Learning Concept Model — a model for competency measurement and recommendation supported by the Experience API (xAPI), a data interoperability standard for next-generation learning data and analytics.

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Across the country, teachers are trying to bring technology into their classrooms to better meet the needs of every student. The goal is to make learning more personalized, competency-based, and data rich. As educators work to make the shifts necessary to make this a reality, we have to ask ourselves what our systems for professional learning can do to achieve similar ends.

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In an effort to bring cutting-edge data analytics to the development of high-quality open standards for the education profession, Yet Analytics, Inc. and Cupertino, CA-based nonprofit The Learning Accelerator announce a new partnership.

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