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Organizations are beginning to look for ways to capture the meaning of data unique to their own domain, business logic, or learning contexts through xAPI Profiles. Learn what xAPI Profiles are and how they can work together to capture unique logic for repeatable and scalable data collection.

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We're so exciting about the team we're building that we want to show them off a bit. In the below interview, we'll introduce you to our UX expert, Erika Lee - the person that keeps us on point when it comes to creating the amazing user experiences you've come to expect from Yet.

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The EIDCC, the Experience Graph and the Future of Human Capital Analytics. Plus prepared remarks delivered at the 2017 Education World Forum, London, UK

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UX for the Connected World

By Rose Burt • February 19, 2016

A review of Amber Case's Calm Technology and thoughts on how to create better design for the Internet of Things and the future of the connected world.

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Design thinking is more than just a way to creatively approach a problem, it takes commitment and consistency to make it work in any organization.

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