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For most of us who are not programmers, getting our data into xAPI format is the biggest barrier to entry when it comes to getting started with xAPI. At Yet Analytics we recently released a free solution to help our community remove this roadblock.

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Deep Insights

By Brit Keller • April 4, 2018

The modern learning ecosystem is both amazing and overwhelming. A single organization’s learning ecosystem is likely to contain dozens of different tools and resources. Add to that the multitude of resources available on the Internet and the scope is truly staggering.

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The network graph is just one way to look at experience data – but a powerful one, capable of representing not just the answer to a specific question, but the actual shape of the data itself.

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In the same way that marketing organizations have leveraged big data to the benefit of their customers, HR organizations too can harness the big data of their people to benefit their business.

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The Yet xAPI LRS has the potential to be the connective tissue needed to weave specialty HR platforms into a comprehensive HR strategy.

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