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From the very beginning we knew that a critical aspect of making the shift from VR as an occasional part of the instructional designer’s toolkit to an immersive and frequent part of the learners’ experience, it had to be easy not only to make, create, and deliver VR content, but it had to be just as easy to demonstrate its effectiveness.

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xAPI: An Introductory Guide

By Margaret Roth • February 2, 2016

Introducing "xAPI: An Introductory Guide," an eBook for those interested in learning the basics of xAPI and how it can be used to benefit your employees.

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Live-action job-embedded team training supported by an xAPI-enabled mobile app. In this simulation scenario, we’re going to be testing the ability of associates and security staff to follow proper protocol in the identification and apprehension of a team of shoplifters.

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Here are a few ways to strategically start moving learning out of organizational silos to prepare for coming changes brought about by technological advances.

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Fire and Rescue is on the scene. Followed by a firetruck, two EMTs rush to the scene of a car crash along a road tucked away into suburban northern Virginia. Inside is an unresponsive driver. An unresponsive driver in whose torso lies a beacon and an Android phone pinging information to a hospital eleven miles away.

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