Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • November 6, 2017

Trending Goals Shared by L&D Leaders at DevLearn

With over 17 xAPI sessions, the debut of xAPI Ready, and two days of xAPI Camp, this year’s DevLearn brought xAPI planning into the spotlight. Over the four days the Yet Team spent at xAPI Camp and at the Expo, we talked to hundreds of Learning & Development leaders and decision makers. From those conversations three clear goals emerged.

L&D leaders want to:

1. Provide data about individual learning and performance directly to employees, managers, and other stakeholders.

This goal is more than just about the data, it’s about transparency, ownership, personal investment, and access. It represents a shift towards “employee empowerment” through applied data and away from “compliance confirmation” as a byproduct of low-resolution data collection.

2. Make the move from manual data processing to real-time reporting and automated analytics in the next 9-18 months.

For most organizations, generating reports is at best a tedious process, more likely a frustrating, time consuming, never-ending task, where critical info is locked away, incomplete, or out-of-date. Data unification is the critical first step to connecting training to business impact and it’s time has come.

3. Bring together stakeholders from across departments including IT, Sales, HR, and Talent Development at the onset of xAPI initiatives.

The goal of connecting learning and development programs to performance outcomes at both the individual and business levels is a challenge organizations are ready to take on. When making the investment to go xAPI and connect your technology ecosystem with a Learning Record Store, involving stakeholders from across your organization early will only increase buy-in, accelerate deployment, and set you up for successful adoption.

 The leaders who shared these goals came from differently sized organizations, a variety of industries, roles, and most significantly, and a variety of levels of familiarity with xAPI and LRS technology. Take this as a signal that xAPI is swiftly moving from a nice-to-have option to experiment with to an enterprise must-have when creating a future-ready data analytics strategy.

Here are a few xAPI snapshots from our time at DevLearn:


Group photo from the live xAPI Cohort Meeting.

IMG_3355 2.JPG

Float’s Award-winning AR Conference App, with Yet Analytics xAPI LRS capturing and visualizing the interaction data.

IMG_8997 2.JPG

The Yet Team tabling at DevLearn – xAPI Ready and Certified Conformant.


Float won the DemoFest and Hyperdrive prizes for their AR Conference App – Yet’s xAPI LRS collected and visualized all the data from the app.

Thank you to the eLearning Guild for putting together another great event, thank you to the Float team for using the Yet Learning Record Store in their award-winning “Realities360 AR+xAPI-Enabled Event App” project, and thank you to everyone that shared some of their DevLearn experience with us at xAPI Camp or visited us in the Expo!

If you’re “xAPI Ready” to talk more, drop us a line at, sign up for our upcoming “AR/VR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning” webinar, or subscribe to the Yet Blog for your weekly dose of all things xAPI.

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