Rose Burt By Rose Burt • June 27, 2018

Trivantis Announces CenarioVR as Immersive Learning Enterprise Solution

Yet partner Trivantis today announced the launch of CenarioVR, the first of the Trivantis Complete suite to include learning analytics powered by YetRead their press release below, check out the original posting, or try the demo for yourself!

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trivantis today unveiled a groundbreaking immersive learning platform that combines the intuitive interface of a rapid development authoring tool with the cutting edge technology of virtual reality training, xAPI data, and real-time performance analytics. CenarioVR leverages Trivantis’ 20+ years of leadership and expertise in content authoring to provide a unique, intelligent design that allows for the efficient development of sophisticated learning scenarios designed for VR headsets, tablets, and browsers.

“From critical equipment training that typically takes place on the plant floor to life-or-death safety procedures that can be too costly or risky to conduct in-person, CenarioVR truly allows for the ability to try and fail and try again in a consequence-free environment. What’s more, CenarioVR can be used in your existing training ecosystem – no special skills, resources, or expensive equipment are necessary to begin implementing a VR training strategy in your organization,” said Laura Silver, Vice President of Products for Trivantis.

CenarioVR uses footage from any 360° camera, existing 3D video, or equirectangular image to create linked interactive scenes designed to promote engagement through choice selections, dynamic feedback, embedded 2D video, and branching scenarios. Organizations can deliver training through traditional learning systems or the CenarioVR mobile app, from which a VR headset can be used to experience the ultimate immersive experience. With built-in xAPI analytics, training departments can evaluate progress, levels of participation, points of interest, and potential problem areas – all specifically designed to enable an increase in effectiveness and results.

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