Rose Burt By Rose Burt • July 7, 2017

What's Changed With Integration and APIs?

This week over at Dzone, Tom Smith shared insights from 19 executives familiar with integration and API's to find out "What are the most significant changes to integration in the past year?"

Yet Analytics' VP of Engineering Milt Reder shared Yet's perspective on microservices, APIs, and real-time streaming data.

Here's a short excerpt from the final article:

• The general adoption of APIs. Every service is an API-driven technology. It cannot be an afterthought if you’re going to have deep access to the platform. Business users are aware of integration as a tool – notifications and how to put data into the right place.
• More systems are being built with an API-first approach. Use an API key versus username and password. Build whatever client you want the user to interact with. A lot is being built where you just have to put your information in. Need to be able to integrate with other software out of the box.
• With the prevalence of cloud and changes to integration, iPaaS is the center of the universe connecting with clouds, SaaS, and down to the business. Leverage what’s there. API’s are exploding because they are the solution to the integration problem.


Check out the rest of the list over at Dzone.

 Read More at Dzone

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