Shelly Blake-Plock By Shelly Blake-Plock • April 14, 2017

Where's The Value In Big Data?

Big data is old news. It fell off the Gartner hype curve in 2015. So, where’s the plateau of productivity? It turns out there’s no one answer for how to get value out of big data.

For a moment, let’s consider what makes big data big. Big data is defined by its bigness – hence the name – but also by its smallness. Big data is some of the most granular data ever available, generated moment by moment by every device and piece of software connected to the internet. And this big data is used to drive a multitude of automated systems.

This power of automation, though, is mostly leveraged in broadly generic ways. For instance, in a work environment, automated training content that doesn’t relate to a team member’s work creates the impression that the employee is not valued or understood in their workplace. The new challenge is, how can companies use big data to not just target broadly, but to deeply personalize?

To get to this solution, we need to examine the ways we approach big data.

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