Brit Keller By Brit Keller • September 10, 2018

xAPI Case Study: Measuring the Learner Experience to Identify Content and Platform Improvements

From data assessment to integrations to analytics and visualization, the Yet xAPI LRS and learning analytics solutions provide people-based data insights and drive action across organizations. Learn how 2Revolutions partnered with Yet Analytics to gain insight into engagement on their learning platform with xAPI.


Our Customer: Working with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K12 and Higher Education to design, build and implement new learning models, 2Revolutions is a national education design lab working to develop the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future. In order to support their learners, 2Revolutions developed InspirED, a social learning platform that provides curated access and delivery of teacher training courses and professional development content.

The Challenge: As the InspirED platform grew, it became clear that higher resolution activity data was needed to understand the learner experience and content development process. More detailed information on how learners interact with the platform and its content would be critical to build a data-driven product and content roadmap.

The Solution: Yet Analytics added xAPI instrumentation to the InspirED platform, enabling 2Revolutions admins and content developers to gain granular insights into content usage and engagement analytics.

By identifying and instrumenting key points of interaction between learners and content on the platform, InspirED is one of the first social learning platform solutions to support xAPI-enabled data interoperability. Through xAPI instrumentation platform interaction, time spent, engagement, and usage patterns with learning objects such as video, attachments, courses, and discussion posts are now measurable and trackable. Yet Analytics also developed a custom xAPI profile unique to the InspirED platform and user logic. The xAPI profile allows for meaningful patterns of learning activity to be identified and extended in ways that support content personalization for learners.

The Outcomes: The xAPI instrumentation of the InspirED platform provides the 2Revolutions team with the data needed to measure effectiveness, understand usability, and assess the value of content to learners. The collection and utilization of granular engagement data greatly assists their understanding of learner progression, helps them to identify opportunities for intervention, and serves as the foundation for developing learner personas. This xAPI instrumentation enables the collection of high-resolution platform usage analytics that will inform the development roadmap of the InspirED platform itself.


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