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Margaret Roth By Margaret Roth • October 27, 2016

xAPI in L&D - A Handbook for Learning and Development Organizations

One of the biggest challenges when implementing new technology into your organization is knowing where to start. This is particularly true when it comes to xAPI, a data technology with seemingly endless potential applications. That’s why we have brought together a set of case studies demonstrating the value of xAPI for learning and development organizations. Think of this as a handbook for xAPI in the real world.

The Experience API™, otherwise known as xAPI, is an open data interoperability specification for collecting the experiences people have across, with, and through technologies in the connected world. In a sense, xAPI makes it possible for data from different sources to speak the same language and become meaningful for the business user.

Modern learners are no longer constrained by what is available in their LMS. These days, a variety of sources — including web services, wearables, mobile simulations, and serious games — provide learning content and learning opportunities. Yet’s analytics platform and enterprise scale Learning Record Store leverages xAPI to help instructors and analysts to understand learning and engagement across platforms and devices. In sum, xAPI helps you to capture and understand learning and performance in the real world.

Consider this free ebook your xAPI handbook - a reference manual featuring examples and blueprints of how other organizations have brought the power of xAPI to their systems and teams to unify their data, gain insights, and take action to improve their organizational learning outcomes in ways never before possible.

Download the xAPI in L&D Handbook

And when you’re ready to get started bringing the roadmap to life for your organization, let us know. We’re ready to help when you’re ready to go. Send us an email at or visit our Contact Us page.

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