Allie Tscheulin By Allie Tscheulin • May 25, 2018

How to Turn the CSV File You Have Into the xAPI Data You Want Webinar Recap

For most of us who are not programmers, getting our data into xAPI format is the biggest barrier to entry when it comes to getting started with xAPI, making it hard to move forward, let alone help others see how powerful interoperable data can be! At Yet Analytics we recently released a free solution to help our community remove this roadblock. 

The Yet Adapter allows non-technical users an easy way to upload spreadsheet data and transform it into xAPI data which can be sent to any Learning Record Store. In the webinar, originally presented on May 23rd 2018, we share a live walkthrough of Yet Adapter’s drag and drop interface and send both e-learning and in-person learning data into the same Learning Record Store to show the full story of our employees. 

See the webinar slides on SlideShare.

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