Rose Burt By Rose Burt • October 25, 2017

Yet at Clojure/conj 2017

This October, Yet was pleased to present at and sponsor the annual Clojure/conj, right here in Baltimore. The Conj is always a great opportunity for our dev team to soak in some new ideas and connect with folks in the community; we were particularly proud to have two of our developers presenting this year. We also had a great time sharing our city with folks from around the country, making sure they got a taste of what the city is like beyond the Inner Harbor.

One of the great things about Conj is that all the talks are documented and posted online. We love our stack and the community around the technologies we work with, and are happy to be able to share some of our perspectives on the work we do and the tools we use.

Yet & Datomic: Immutable Facts Mutated Our Stack

by Milt Reder


Yet Analytics has been using Datomic (and Clojure) in our core products since we started the company three years ago. We’ve had a great experience using it as a database, but Datomic is much more than that: It is a collection of great ideas that have come to inform almost everything we do. In this talk I’ll tell Yet’s Datomic story with a focus on the ways these ideas have changed our approach to software across our stack, even when Datomic itself is not involved. I’ll talk about how event sourcing helps us manage application state in browsers, how datalog simplifies dataset manipulation and queries in data science workbooks and virtual ETL applications, and how multiple ideas from Datomic are informing our current work on large-scale streaming data platforms. Watch the full talk >

Declarative Deep Learning In Clojure

By Will Hoyt


Deeplearning4j is the best option for creating deep learning models via the JVM. Creator Adam Gibson and the open source community that sprung up around him have dedicated years to creating a commercial-grade, distributed and production ready ecosystem of libraries specifically designed to tackle the challenges of creating deep learning applications. This talk is about bringing all of their hard work to the clojure community via a declarative wrapper that combines the luxuries of clojure with the power of DL4J. Watch the full talk >

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