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"In delivering experience intelligence, Yet Analytics leverages the xAPI specification... Drawing together multiplatform data sources—including web services, wearables, and simulations—in real time, Yet provides insight into activity, behavior, learning, and performance."

Learning Solutions Magazine

Engagement Behaviors


Leveraging new data sources

Who: The National Association of Broadcasters, representing over 8,000 broadcasting organizations 

What: Yet xAPI LRS and experience analytics for ATSC 3.0, the next generation standard for television

Why: “The technology has the potential to help broadcasters identify workflow efficiencies," says CTO Sam Matheny.

Result: Real-time experience analytics for the Interactive Environment of Next Gen TV debuted at the 2016 NAB Show, powered by Yet's xAPI and experience intelligence platform technologies.

Learning Effectiveness

UC Davis

Improving understanding

Who: The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis

What: Yet xAPI LRS for capturing experience and understanding learning processes (as presented at SXSW Interactive)

Why: In virtual assessments, students make choices regarding what questions to ask patients, which portions of a physical exam to perform and which of their findings are significant.

Result: This data is used to inform instructors regarding students’ clinical reasoning and as a guide to debriefing students to improve understanding.

Information Use


Understanding how content is used

Who: The Learning Accelerator Next Gen Human Capital Initiative

What: xAPI analytics for a blended learning competency framework

Why: “As our work in human capital has evolved, we’ve asked how we can make the learner experience more coherent and personalized,” said CEO Beth Rabbitt.

Result: TLA and Yet developed The Educator Learning Model to leverage xAPI in the development of personalized professional learning content.

Team Behavior

GMU / Inova

New indicators of team performance

Who: George Mason University, Inova Hospital, Fairfax Fire & Rescue 

What: Yet xAPI LRS and analytics for team-based simulation training

Why: Data to show "where there was lag time between decisions and actions, how resources were used and other aspects of handling a crisis," said Dr. Brenda Bannan.

Result: According to the report delivered at I/ITSEC: "This is an extremely positive step forward in improving the overall medical team training and simulation process."

New Media


Tracking new media in real-time

Who: DevLearn 2016 with Pixilated

What: Yet xAPI LRS and analytics for event-based engagement tracking

Why: "We wanted a way for attendees to truly get a hands-on xAPI experience by creating their own data statements and seeing them visualized," said Allie Tscheulin.

Result: An xAPI-enabled photobooth and apps leveraging xAPI to create an auditable photo record of attendee engagement at DevLearn.

Advanced Research

VR & Biometrics

Merging new experiences


What: xAPI visualizations for flight simulation and Android Wear heartrate monitoring

Why: Demonstration of the ability to merge concurrent experiences — one digital and one physical — within a single analytical framework in real-time.

Result: The development of new xAPI libraries for virtual reality and wearables.

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