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Case Study: Defense

Data Analytics and Visualization Environment: a Framework for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture

What is DAVE?

Customer: The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative at the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness

Problem: There is a difference between collecting data and using it. Instructors, training managers, and executive decision makers could make better decisions, improve the speed and effectiveness of readiness, and improve learning outcomes if they could gain insight from the data collected through the Total Learning Architecture. But traditional data analytics and visualization software is neither purpose-built for the learning and training domain, nor is it built for non-specialists. Therefore getting an understanding of data insights is a cumbersome process. Either you need to deal with enterprise software, code, and spreadsheets, or you need to have a data scientist on call. In the best case scenario, you are spending most of your time munging data from one form to another.

Solution: The Data Analytics and Visualization Environment (DAVE). DAVE is a framework for data analytics which provides the ability to prototype visualizations and reports for the learning and training domain. DAVE workbooks are designed for instructors and managers, but the DAVE framework is strong enough to meet the needs of data scientists. DAVE is built on technical specs developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative — and it will extend the capabilities of xAPI, xAPI Profiles, and the Total Learning Architecture into decision-making spaces. DAVE is 100% open source, adaptable, and cost effective — there are no licenses and there is no vendor lock-in. The workbooks can run in a web browser and all of the visualization code is standardized and exportable to any decision making, business intelligence, or reporting system.


Case Study: Learning Technologies

Tracking Competency Development through a Multi-Source Content Portal

Through partnerships with leading human capital organizations, the Learning Accelerator aims to transform K-12 education through blended learning on a national scale. As learners utilize content through curated playlists, competency development is automatically tracked and presented back to individual learners, cohort leaders and content providers through role-specific dashboards.

"This work will help learners access training and professional-development content connected directly to their specific needs, across platforms, and to more effectively track and reflect on their learning as they go."

Beth Rabbitt

CEO, The Learning Accelerator 
Princeton, NJ

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Case Study: Learning Technologies

Automating Progress Measurement on Organization-Wide Growth Performance Metrics

The xAPI instrumentation of the InspirED platform provides the 2Revolutions team with the data needed to measure effectiveness, understand usability, and assess the value of content to learners. The collection and utilization of granular engagement data greatly assists their understanding of learner progression, helps them to identify opportunities for intervention, and serves as the foundation for developing learner personas. This xAPI instrumentation enables the collection of high-resolution platform usage analytics that will inform the development roadmap of the InspirED platform itself.


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