Case Studies

From data assessment to integrations to analytics and visualization, Yet's certified xAPI LRS and learning analytics solutions provide people-based data insights and drive action across organizations.

Experience intelligence in human capital analytics.

Multi-Source Content Library, Mapped to Competencies and Tracked with xAPI

Yet and The Learning Accelerator have built The Learning Commons, a shared space for educators, resource providers, and learning leaders to share content, resources, tools, and ideas. This xAPI-enabled competency-aligned project recently launched its public beta and is the first deployment of the Yet Learning Experience Interface. Learn More >



Data Dashboard for Blended Learning

Because KLS tracks mastery instead of letter grades and groups students by independence level instead of age, a new kind of reporting system is needed to show student progress. Yet Analytics has built a student-facing dashboard that pulls data from digital and in-person learning activity to provide a unified view of student progress at KLS. This project is the first deployment of the Yet Data Experience Dashboard. Learn More >



Increasing Retention in a Distributed Workforce Development Program

A global workforce development program is using experience intelligence to measure participant experience, engagement, and performance in order to increase their professional capabilities, to stimulate their productivity, and to ensure their readiness for the jobs market. Learn More >



Identifying Hot Topics, Influencers, and Time Sinks in User Forums

Analysis of users’ interactions with a technical question and answer forum is used to identify topics that may warrant additional training or performance support materials, identify subject matter experts and users that may need an individual learning intervention to help them succeed. Learn More >



Gaining Insights into Clinical Reasoning Skills with the Yet xAPI LRS

A California-based public nursing school uses granular behavior data from clinical simulations to better understand the effectiveness of instructional content and to inform in-person instruction. Learn More >



Tracking Live Event Data with AR + xAPI

 Float and Yet partnered to bring AR and xAPI together for the eLearning inaugural Guild’s Realities360 conference in July of 2017. Float's AR conference app recorded participants' experiences as xAPI statements which were stored and visualized in the Yet xAPI LRS. Learn More >


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