Case Study: 

A Predictive Model for Learning, Economic, and Social Indicators

Learn how Yet's EIDCC platform was used to develop a data model and interactive software tool that connects learning, economic, and social indicators to human capital outcomes.

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Case Study: A Predictive Model for Learning, Economic, and Social Indicators

HP wanted to help national ministers of education demonstrate the relationship between education, social investment and economic outcomes. HP had a clear vision for the project but needed a data partner to design the data flow, craft the visualizations and deploy a software interface for the final model.

Enter Yet Analytics. Leveraging the power of Yet’s EIDCC data framework, HP was able to take on the challenge of a predictive approach to econometrics.

HP’s goal in this project was to produce two separate but related manifestations of the data model: a databook featuring graphic visualizations and an interactive predictive model. The book was first shared during UN Week in late 2016, and the predictive software debuted at the Education World Forum in London in January 2017.

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