Friends, Customers, and Partners,

Yet Analytics is committed to providing world-class support and to making sure that our customers can count on our technologies at all times. Our systems are built with security and continuity in mind, and in regard to the current matter of COVID-19, we have taken the following steps to ensure the continuity of our customer’s deployments and projects and to help our employees to maintain their health and to support their families.

  1. Our Baltimore HQ is closed to the public until March 30th. We are continuing to attend to mail and deliveries, and the site is being used for work that may only be done there. We will evaluate the re-opening towards the end of the month.
  2. All of Yet’s employees have been given the resources to work remotely and will keep normal hours. This is not something that we have rushed into, rather Yet Analytics has a longstanding tradition of a flexible work schedule and we offer work-from-home and work-on-the-go to all employees provided that the specific work that they are doing allows for that flexibility. We are all used to working remotely.
  3. Because our infrastructure leverages the Cloud or otherwise remotely accessible locations, there should be no disruption in customer experience with regard to any of our software at this time. We will make announcements if we have any indication that there are problems such as could face our Cloud hosting partners.
  4. At Yet Analytics, we have a cross-trained and cross-functional technical team. If for any reason any of our employees dedicated to your ongoing project should become unable to work for any length of time during this period, that will be communicated as soon as possible and other available employees and resources will be allocated to your work to ensure that the project is kept on schedule and is completed as expected.

Thank you for trusting Yet Analytics as your learning and training analytics partner. We wish you the best in health and safety during this situation and always.

Shelly Blake-Plock
President and CEO
Yet Analytics, Inc.