Project DAVE

The Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture

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What is DAVE?

If the objective is to analyze, interpret, and visualize micro-level behavior-driven learning, we need a framework for analysis and visualization which aligns with xAPI, xAPI Profiles, and the Total Learning Architecture (TLA).

Enter Project DAVE — a framework featuring

  • a suite of prototype analytics algorithms and data visualization templates
  • open source dashboard prototypes for TLA data analytics and visualization
  • open source code, reusable by developers and learning engineers, that is modular and aligned to the capabilities of xAPI & xAPI Profiles and the needs of the TLA.

Project DAVE is funded by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative at the U.S. Department of Defense.


How can you contribute to DAVE?

We're looking for learning and data professionals as well as the executives and business users of learning data to help us create an open source framework that meets the needs of real users in industry, government, and academia.

How to contribute:

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Yet Analytics

DAVE is Dynamic

By increasing consistency of the way data is represented and visualized through the TLA, Project DAVE will increase value of xAPI as a data asset for implementers and end users of distributed learning.

  • DAVE will make xAPI data vis useful, consistent, and actionable
  • DAVE will be an open source and machine-readable resource available to all devs
  • DAVE will feature a reference model for aligning xAPI data, xAPI Profiles, and xAPI analytics and data visualization through the Total Learning Architecture
  • DAVE will provide a standard way for developers to build relevant xAPI data visualization collections

DAVE is made for Analytics

DAVE will bring structure to analytics and visualization within and across the Total Learning Architecture.

  • DAVE will help to close gaps in the existing TLA in regards to architectural considerations as pertain to analytics and visualization
  • DAVE will provide a framework upon which future development may be based
  • DAVE will make both xAPI and the TLA central to actionable learning analytics for developers, analysts, and executive decision makers

DAVE decreases Risk

Commonly-used data visualization approaches often do not align with the types of data available in an xAPI statement and therefore xAPI-specific data visualizations are often necessary.

  • DAVE will provide a common framework for these visualizations and takes into account many of the risks associated with domain-based data analytics
  • DAVE recognizes that real-time data vis depends on data architecture as much on the mechanics of the data visualization itself
  • DAVE will provide a framework which will allow for scale in the analytics and visualization of learning data in a way that is cost effective and based on learning data standards

DAVE is Open Source

As an open source framework, DAVE provides developers and analytics with models, prototypes, and specifications for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing xAPI data.

  • DAVE will be integrated with the ADL Initiative’s ongoing Total Learning Architecture (TLA) project
  • DAVE will interact with the various components of the TLA and will allow for the extraction, analysis, packaging, and presentation of xAPI data from within and across that system
  • DAVE will be comprised of open source data models, software prototypes, specifications, a complete framework documentation, and a suite of prototype analytics algorithms and prototype visualization dashboards aligned to the capabilities of xAPI and xAPI Profiles and the needs of the Total Learning Architecture

DAVE means Business

As a framework serving the needs of the xAPI community, DAVE is all about helping to turn learning data into business intelligence.

  • By decreasing the time it takes to produce accessible, meaningful, and relevant data visualizations, DAVE will help decision makers see what's really going on quickly and accurately
  • DAVE will be designed for enterprise scale
  • We know not all businesses need the same thing, so DAVE will be built to support modular, flexible, and need-driven implementation

DAVE is Under Development

Now is the best time to contribute your thoughts. Throughout 2018, we'll be asking key decision makers what they need from the data produced in distributed learning environments.

  • We're talking to executives and managers
  • We're talking to analysts, data scientists, and developers
  • We're talking to instructors, learners, and producers of instructional content and learning experiences


Get in touch and let's talk about DAVE.

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