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Mission control for learning and performance.

Visualize all your learning and performance data in
real time with the Yet xAPI LRS. Use the analytics dashboard to measure learning activity, resource use, and engagement showing the impact of your learning investment, evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources, and connect your learning initiatives directly to performance outcomes.

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Yet xAPI LRS Demo: Kokea Concepts

Kokea Concepts is a modern company with a mission to deliver high-quality products and provide an immersive in-store customer experience.

With an industry-leading customer service team, the company is growing rapidly, expanding into new markets outside of its Northeast Headquarters in New York. Kokea has recently opened locations in Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico as they take on the Southwest market.

Kokea Concepts utilizes a variety of platforms to make distribution of their strategic programs and core values of collaboration, commitment, and community embedded into every part of the team experience. In addition to robust in-person training programs, micro-courses are delivered through the Kokea Learning Management System.

Independent online and blended learning opportunities are available to team members when and where they need it through the KokeaVue mobile content library. Kokea Team Members collaborate daily through their internal communication platform KokeaComm and employee performance and satisfaction is continuously assessed through Kokea Surveys.

Data from across the Kokea Concepts learning ecosystem is unified in this Yet Analytics Learning Record Store.

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